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Fjord cruise Bergen - Mostraumen - Bergen

Quiet on the fjord - Fjord cruise to Mostraumen from Bergen - Norway
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Cruise the fjords on a half day tour from Bergen

Only have one day to spend and want to get quickly to the fjords from Bergen? A fjord cruise to Mostraumen outside Bergen lets the whole family experience mighty waterfalls, steep mountainsides, and narrow fjords, all in just three and a half hours.
This cruise takes you past the Mostraumen straits, a scenic and narrow fjord channel that is 600 meters long and only 50 meters wide.
Starting point
Bergen Zachariasbryggen
Available all year

The fjord cruise from Bergen to Mostraumen includes:

  • Steep mountains, cascading waterfalls, and narrow straits.
  • Beautiful views of Bergen and Bryggen
  • Comfortable seats and a spacious viewing deck

Spectacular waterfalls and mountains

A trip to Mostraumen is the perfect activity on your visit to Bergen.
This single-day fjord tour starts from the dock at Zachariasbryggen, right next to the famous Fish Market in Bergen.
Once you set sail, you will enjoy excellent sea views of Bryggen, a UNESCO-listed medieval wharf, the city, and the surrounding mountains.
Photo stop on Fjordcruise to Mostraumen - Bergen, Norway
Capture memorable moments and beautiful shots on this fjord cruise. ©Tom Gulbrandsen

Bring the whole family on this fjord tour from Bergen

The boat steams out into the fjord before passing under the Nordhordaland bridge and continuing into the Osterfjord.
The trip is short enough to bring the little ones along too. Along the way, the kids can learn to tie knots or spend a little time coloring in drawings of the boat.

A Norwegian cruise with mesmerizing waterfalls

The fjord becomes narrow as you approach Mostraumen. Suddenly, you find yourself surrounded by steep mountains towering above. Cruise past several waterfalls; if you are lucky, you can even collect a sample of the water to taste!
There is an abundance of wildlife in the area, including eagles and other bird life, as well as seals and goats. Keep your camera ready!
We wish you a delightful fjord cruise to Mostraumen!

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