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Voss Gondola

Activities at Voss - at the top - Voss Gondola, Norway
Voss Gondola hovers over the clouds - Activities at Voss, Norway
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Panoramic views from the top of Voss!

  • Voss Gondola is the largest and most modern mountain gondola in Northern-Europe.
  • A trip with the gondola gives you some scenic panoramic views and on Hangurstoppen you can parttake in a wide selection of exciting activities!
Starting point
2 hr
1 December - 13 October
The Voss Gondola is a favorite to skiers, hikers, bikers and visitors alike, and provides access to the mountains from the Voss rail station. During summer, one can go hiking (both short and long hikes), biking and paragliding. In the winter, you will get immediately access to the largest ski resort in Western Norway.

Tour description

Starting at Voss Station and ending at Hangurstoppen (820 metres above sea level), the Voss Gondola carries up to 34 people passengers in each cabin, and takes you to the top in less than 9 minutes.
At the top station Hangurstoppen, you will have a panoramic view to many of the mountains surrounding the town of Voss, and access to areas for recreation and sports activities suitable for all ages. Here you will also find Voss' largest restaurant, famous for homemade dishes, based on local ingredients from several farms in and around Voss.
The gondola is open all year, but during the winter season the gondola has reduced opening hours. Always remember to check opening hours in advance!
Enjoy your trip to the heights!

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