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Tromsø City walk

Guided city walk in Tromsø - Norway
Sunset in Tromsø - Guided city walk in Tromsø, Norway
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In the footsteps of Amundsen

  • A 3 hour city walk in Tromsø
  • Includes guide and ticket to the polar museum
  • Discover why Tromsø is called "Gateway to the arctic"
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3 hr
Available all year

Tour description

You meet up with your guide in the city center and embark on a leisurely stroll through the historic city together.
Tromsø played a important part in the history´s great polar expeditions, and still does. On this guided walk through Tromsø town, with views across the water to the Arctic Cathedral, you will discover through Tromsø´s buildings, statues and monuments why Tromsø´s got the nickname “Gateway to the Arctic”.
You will hear the history of the old wooden buildings in town as well the story of the extraordinary building that houses the town library.
Your guide will stop by the statue of Roald Amundsen, who started several of his polar expeditions from Tromsø. In 1928 Roald Amundsen set out from Tromsø to find his former friend, but now enemy, the Italian explorer Umberto Nobile. Nobile had been lost in the Arctic—never to return. During this hunt for Nobile´s remains, Amundsen’s seaplane crashed, somewhere in the Barents Sea, and neither his body, nor the bodies of the five-member crew, were ever found.
Your guided tour will end at Polarmuseet where you can enjoy a photo exhibition depicting the life and adventures of Roald Amundsen in the Polar regions. The museum also exhibits some artifacts from Amundsen’s famous expeditions, some of which are considered the greatest gems of Norway´s proud polar history.

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