Photo: Sverre Hjoernevik / Fjord Norway

How to book your tour

With a lot of options for tours and customizations, you may find it difficult to book your perfect tour. We therefore present you with a quick guide of how to book your tour!


Let's get started

The basics

  • Firstly, navigate to the tour page of the tour you would like to take. You can find all our tours on this page
  • Choose your travel date, the start- and end point for your tour and the number of persons. Press "Search"
  • Choose which route is right for you by pressing "Choose this"

Let's plan you trip

Overnight stays, activities and customizations

  • Lets' plan your trip! After you have selected your route you will get an overview of your tour timeline. This is where you can start to modify and customize your tour
  • In your travel plan, you will see that you can add Accommodation or Activities at several destinations. Press the Accommodation or Activity button to see what is available at your preferred destinations. 
    1. "Accommodation": Insert your number of nights and number of rooms, press "Next". You will then will get a selection of available hotels. You can also choose to arrange accommodation on your own. When adding an overnight stay your tour timeline and itinerary will be automatically updated.
    2. "Activity": By pressing "activity" you will get a list of activities that you can add to your tour. Press "Read More" to read more about the activity or "Book" to add the activity. In some cases, you can choose between multiple starting times for the activity. If you have added overnight stays in your activity location, you can also change the date of your activity in the date picker. Also, note that you will get a wider selection of activities by adding overnight stays.
  • Departure times: On some tours, you can select earlier or later departures for the different transport elements. Click on the departure time from a location to see if there are earlier or later departures available. 

Almost there

Overview, customer information, passenger names, terms & conditions

  • Once you are happy with your tour itinerary and timeline, press "Book"
  • You will then get an overview of your tour with dates, activities, accommodations, transport elements, what is included in the package, and so on. If you have a voucher or gift card code, you can insert this here. If everything looks good, press "Go to Checkout"
  • Fill in Passenger Names and press "Next"
  • Fill in your Customer Information, accept the General Terms and Conditions, and press "Next"


Finalization and payment

  • Proceed with the payment. After the payment has been completed, an order confirmation will be sent to your e-mail address

Voila, you just booked your tour! Have a nice trip!


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