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Fjord Tours Articles / 10 Oct 2019

The Benefits of Visiting Norway Off-Season

Most places have peak and off-peak seasons due to their wildly changing climates and atmospheres. However, for somewhere as versatile as Norway, it is hard to believe that any time of year could be considered an off-season.

The reality is that most people either book their Norway tours for the summer months in order to experience the Midnight Sun and do some exquisite glacier hiking, or they book them for the winter months in order to experience the Polar Night and participate in many of Norway's famous activities such as dog sledding and other snow tours.

This makes fall the in-between time of the year where far fewer people are choosing to travel to Norway. It also makes it the perfect time of year to get the best value out of your Norway trip. Here are some of the various benefits of visiting Norway during the fall off-season.

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It Is Harvest Season

Norwegian food is something that is world-renowned for its uniqueness and excellence. Therefore, when someone has the opportunity to experience plentiful amounts of fresh Norwegian food, they should definitely jump at the chance to do so. Since the fall months are when harvest season occurs, it means that an abundance of Norwegian food is about to come to the various farmers' markets throughout the country. It not only makes having the best Norwegian dishes easier but cheaper as well. You can experience the exquisite Norwegian cuisine on a Norwegian Food Tour from Fjord Tours. 

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Gorgeous Color Changes

For many other countries that are located closer to the Equator, fall is virtually non-existent as their vegetation does not undergo any significant color changes. However, this is not true for Norway as its massive amounts of nature scenery undergo major color changes during autumn.

This not only applies to the trees but includes the soft moss that covers a large portion of the ground and other parts of the enviroment. So the vast majority of Norway becomes an exquisite area of vibrant yellows, reds, and oranges, during the fall months. It is sure to make any pictures taken during your scenic train trip look even more beautiful.

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More Tour Availabilities

As previously mentioned, the summer months are the most popular time for people to visit Norway, with the winter months being a close second. However, during the fall, all of these people are not in Norway, which means that all of the wonderful tours and other experiences throughout the country suddenly become much more available. It also means that they are often offered at a lower cost, resulting in you getting more value for your purchase.

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Perfect Hiking Weather

Although many people decide to do their mountain hikes during the summertime, in many parts of Norway, the fall season actually offers better hiking weather. During this time of the year, the temperature will begin to lower but will have not yet reached the sub-zero temperatures of the wintertime. Therefore, you can reasonably start your hiking adventures equipped with only a light windbreaker and manage to be perfectly comfortable the entire time.

Northern Lights Tour By Coach
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Experience the Northern Lights

Many people tend to think that the winter season is the only time when you can experience the Northern Lights in Norway. However, the amount of sunlight that the country gets will already have started to decline by the start of the fall season. Therefore, the off-peak months of autumn can be the perfect time to travel to Norway and participate in some a Northern Lights tour without being forced to deal with huge crowds or high prices.

All of these reasons and more are why visiting Norway during the autumn months is such a great idea. To book your trip to Norway for this fall, check out some of the tours from Fjord Tours today.

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