Photo: Vik Pensjonat og Hytter


You’ll find charming Eidfjord, in the midst of lush nature In an arm of the impressive Hardangerfjord. This is a place to experience culture and nature, fjords and mountains in one spectacular setting. You can move from the fjord to the mountain in no-time.

Those who come here come with a plan to explore the fjord landscapes of the Vestlandet region. You can do so in multiple ways; memorable mountain hikes, fjord cruises on the Hardangerfjord, go on a RIB boat adventure, or go slow-fjord traveling in a kayak. Furthermore, the Bjoreio river offers up very good rafting conditions, suitable for the whole family. 

The Vøringsfossen Waterfall 

Make sure you don’t leave Eidfjord without a visit to the Vøringfossen waterfall, one of the grandest attractions in the Hardanger region! The 182 meters tall waterfall brings water from the Hardangervidda mountain to the valley of Måbødalen and creates magic, cinematic atmosphere. A new pedestrian bridge over the waterfall was constructed in 2020. The project might not have been welcomed by all, but there’s no controversy in saying that the experience of walking over the waterfall is something special! 

Culture & Nature in Eidfjord 

If you are up for a trip into higher ground, a visit to the historic Kjeåsen farm, situated 600 meters over the Simdalsfjord is highly recommended. If you feel like a physical challenge, hiking up the steep mountainside to the farm will get your blood pumping! While at the Kjeåsen you can imagine how life played out at a local farm, 100+ years ago while enjoying the awe-inspiring views. 

Eidfjord also houses the Sima power-plant, one of Europe’s largest hydropower-plants. 

With such a central location close to Bergen, the Hardangervidda mountain range, the city of Voss etc., Eidfjord is beautifully placed as a holiday destination: «beach holiday» in the summer, skiing in the mountains during winter and nature and cultural experiences all year round. 

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