Photo: Vik Pensjonat og Hytter


By the Hardangerfjord lies the small community of Eidfjord. Here you can experience culture and dramatic scenery, close to the fjord to the mountain plateau.

Eidfjord is a municipality in the county of Hordaland situated on the Hardangerfjord, Norway’s second longest fjord. Eidfjord is situated on the RV 7 road – the National Tourist Route between Oslo and Bergen that passes through Hardanger.

Seeing the Vøringsfossen waterfall is a must before leaving Eidfjord. With a fall of 182 metres, the water cascades from the Hardangervidda mountain plateau down into the Måbødalen valley. The well-known mountain farm of Kjeåsen is situated 600 metres above the Simadalsfjord. If you are feeling fit, you can park your car and take the path up the steep mountainside.

Hardangervidda Nature Centre in upper Eidfjord is a modern nature and cultural history visitor centre. If you visit the centre, the film by Ivo Caprino is a must. You can also visit the Sima Power Plant, which is one of the biggest hydroelectric power plants in Europe. Guided tours of the power station take you 700 metres inside the mountain!

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