Photo: Øystein Ormåsen / Wild Voss AS
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The Viking trail-Sverrestigen from Voss

Raundalen is a 25km long valley that stretches from the landmark of Rastalii, all the way to Upsete. Thanks to its wild nature and interesting history, Raundalen is the perfect valley for hiking. A rare gem, just a few minutes out of Voss!

Sverrestigen is one of the most remarkable trails in Raundalen. The trail starts close to Rastalii, the deep gorge that shapes an impressive entrance gate to the valley. Our hike starts right here, in this wild and impressive location. From here we follow in the footsteps of the Viking King named Sverre Sigurdsson!

Some 840 years ago, in late October 1177, Sverre Sigurdsson approached Voss from the east. He was the leader of the Birkebeiner-rebels based in eastern Norway. Supported by an army of seasoned fighters, Sverre was on his way to Bergen. He was campaigning for the throne, and had many enemies. Unexpectedly, Sverre and his men were stopped near Voss by an army of farmers assembled from the nearby villages. King Sverre, outnumbered, was engaged in battle and forced to escape back the way he came. The farmers had blocked the normal passage east. Instead, Sverre and his army were forced to climb past a steep and exposed cliff section near the mouth of the valley called Raundalen. This route still holds the name «Sverre’s path» (Sverrestigen).

We make it to the starting point of our hike by catching the train to Klyve, just a couple of stops out of Voss. From Klyve we quickly reach the start of Sverrestigen. The trail is steep and exposed, and can be impressive (we can choose another trail in case the conditions become too difficult). The trails leads us to Klyvsnolten (730 m), at the top of Rastalii.

Before we continue on the ridge, we stop for a lunch break and enjoy the unique panorama of all the mountains of Voss. The next stage brings us to Fjossstølen, a typical mountain-farm area. There we meet the old Raundal trail, and follow it down through the forest to Klyve. The local farmers had blocked this very trail back in 1177. We can thus enjoy both perspectives of this episode of the Norwegian History.

After a nice walk downhill, we land on the modern Raundal road, and take the train back to Voss.

Good to know

  • Meeting point: Voss Railway Station, Stasjonsveien 5700 Voss, see map HERE. Meet 15 minutes before departure
  • Duration: 6 hours, including 1hr transport 
  • Please wear outdoor clothing and solid hiking shoes or hiking boots.
  • Please bring: a small rucksack (20 litres), sunglasses, sun lotion, extra t-shirt and sweater, waterproof clothing (shell layer) and beanie or knit cap,  snacks or packed lunch, water bottle. Trekking poles are recommended
  • The price includes: An experienced guide your during your whole trip. A meal of locally crafted food, including hot drinks, prepared on a stove. All necessary safety equipment. Train tickets from Voss to the starting point and back to Voss after the trip. Unlimited access to warm clothing such as gloves, beanies, woolen sweaters and socks
  • This trip is suitable for healthy people with some hiking experience
  • Minimum age: 9 years

Enjoy your tour!

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