Video: Voss Active AS
Video: Voss Active AS

Family Rafting in Voss

This family rafting tour is perfect for families or groups with under 15 year olds, or for those who considering class 3/4 rafting to be a bit too scary.

3 hours
Suitable for all
13.MAY - 15.OCT

On this rafting tour, you will usually sit in a large, steady raft. For those who want somewhat more of a challenge, try out the 2-man Duckies. Parents can send their kids off on adventures alone, or join in on the fun! 

Tour description

The trip takes place at Vosso - a famous salmon river. This river runs from Voss to Evanger on the way to Bergen. The tour starts off in flat water and follows the flow downstream for about 7 km.

You will be passing sections of gentle rapids with waves and whirlpools that will excite everyone. There will be some stops during the rafting tour, where it is possible to jump in the water and swim like a salmon. The trip ends at Evanger where refreshments await.

Join in on this exciting activity for the whole family - we promise a lot of water and fun for everyone!