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  2. Fjord Cruise to Mostraumen and Shellfish Platter

Fjord cruise to Mostraumen and shellfish platter

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A fantastic fjord cruise and a tasty and authentic Bergen meal

  • Experience fjords, mountains, and stunning waterfalls by taking a fjord cruise to Mostraumen from Bergen.
  • Back in Bergen after the fjord cruise, a tasty shellfish plate awaits you in beautiful surroundings by the Fish Market.
Starting point
Bergen Zachariasbryggen
Available all year
On this round trip from Bergen, you travel with a modern and comfortable catamaran to Mostraumen. The vessel is spacious, has a great viewing deck, and is universally designed so the whole family, even strollers, can come along! After a fantastic fjord cruise, you can enjoy a delicious shellfish platter in maritime surroundings by the Fish Market in Bergen.

Tour description

The fjord cruise starts from Zachariasbryggen, right next to the well-known Fish Market in Bergen. Sailing out from Bergen, you will have a good view of the famous Bryggen, the old town area of Bergen along with the rest of Bergen's harbor basin.
After leaving Bergen the boat sails under the Nordhordaland Bridge and into the Osterfjord. Towards Mostraumen the fjord gets more and more narrow before you are suddenly surrounded by the steep mountains towering above you. You will sail past several waterfalls, and if you are lucky, you might be able to collect a water sample from a waterfall for you to taste! There is an abundance of wildlife in the area, and seals, goats, and eagles often pop out to say hello!

Shellfish platter

Arriving back in Bergen, the appetite is at its peak, and at Fish Me Restaurant, a varied shellfish platter awaits you. The bountiful seafood platter consists of North Atlantic fish and seafood including snow crab, crab claws, fresh shrimp, and crayfish, as well as salad, bread, and tarragon dip. A children's menu consists of the always popular Fish n' Chips.
It's possible to buy something to drink to accompany the food. We recommend trying a local variety of either beer or cider. Of course, there is also a rich selection of good wines from far and wide, as well as sparkling or Champagne if you prefer.

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