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Seafood platter in Bergen

Seafood platter in Bergen - Norway
Fish Me by the sea - Bergen, Norway
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Enjoy a local and fantastic seafood platter by the Fishmarket in Bergen!

  • The Fish Market is one of Bergen's largest tourist attractions and has existed since the 1200s. Since then, the square has been one of the most important places for trade between fishermen, farmers, and the residents of Bergen
  • Around the fish market, there is lively activity throughout the year, and fresh fish is brought in for serving every day.
  • In these beautiful surroundings, you can sit and take in the view of Bryggen, Rosenkrantz Tower, Håkon's Hall, and the Byfjord while enjoying a delicious Seafood Platter
Starting points
Bergen or Bergen Zachariasbryggen
2 hr
7 March - 31 December

Seafood Platter

The Fish Me Platter offers fresh ingredients from the sea. Crab meat, fresh shrimp, snow crab, creamy mussels, and pan-fried scallops with caviar. The dish is served with bread, butter, and aioli.


It's possible to buy something to drink to accompany for the food. We recommend trying a local variety of either beer or cider. Of course, there is also a rich selection of good wines from far and wide, as well as sparkling or Champagne if you prefer.
Welcome to a fantastic culinary experience in Bergen!

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