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Geirangerfjord winter cruise

Fjord cruise from Ålesund to Geirangerfjord - Winter on the Geirangerfjord - Ålesund, Norway
View of the Geirangerfjord - Winter cruise  on the Geirangerfjord from Ålesund, Norway
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Cruise the Geirangerfjord without the crowds this winter!

  • Join in on an unforgettable winter cruise to the Geirangerfjord from Ålesund.
  • Travel on a warm and cosy boat into the raw, wild, and beautiful fjord landscape, visit the Norwegian Fjord center, walk along the frozen waterfalls in Geiranger and enjoy an included lunch.
  • Experience a popular World Heritage Site without the large crowds this winter.
Starting point
8 hr 30 min
6 November - 30 May
Enjoy peaceful close contact with the rugged winter nature from a cozy warm boat. Whether you are here when the landscape is sparkling with autumn colors, when it is covered with snow and ice, or when it bursts into spring. A calm rests over the landscape in autumn, winter and spring - the air is sharper, the light clearer and the shadows deeper.

Tour description

This trip starts from Ålesund with a modern boat which takes you into the fjord towards the heart of the UNESCO-area of Geiranger. While sitting comfortably in the boat, you get to experience how the settings change with the landscape. From the open horizons by the coast to the dramatic and mysterious fjords inland.
The last half hour of the trip goes through the vast Geirangerfjord, past abandoned fjord farms, high mountains and mighty waterfalls. Why not go up on the deck to get a light refreshing shower of mountain water on your face?
Included in the trip is a Fjord Ranger from the Norwegian Fjord Center. The fjord ranger will explain how glaciers, rivers and other forces have shaped the landscape, about the great diversity of plants and animals that live here, and about people who once settled here.
When you arrive in Geiranger, you go by bus to the spectacular viewpoint Flydalsjuvet, where you get the chance to take iconic pictures of the fjord and Geiranger. The tour also includes a visit to the Norwegian Fjord Center, which is an exciting visitor and information center for the West Norwegian fjord landscape and for the Geirangerfjord heritage area. Everyone who wants to can walk the 'Waterfall walk' (327 steps) down the magnificent river at Norsk Fjordsenter and back to the boat.
After a day filled with winter impressions from Geiranger, it feels good to get on the boat again for a relaxing trip back to Ålesund.

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