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The unique location on the Flåmsbana stretch down towards Flåm makes Vatnahalsen a great base to explore this known historical and cultural area. You may join high mountain hikes at winter, stay overnight during the Norway in a nutshell® tour or get a real adrenaline kick with the longest zipline in the Northern Europe.
Utsikt over Vatnahalsen Hotel - Vatnahalsen, Norway
"Meet the locals" on a Hiking trip - Vatnahalsen, Norway
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Summer activities

Vatnahalsen is sorrounded by beautiful mountain lansdscape and the hiking possibilities are many. Both for the ones who seeks an easy hike as well as for the ones who require a more demanding hike. Visiting Rallarrosa down in the valley where they make cheese is a great experience. They make all kinds of cheese and you may taste and buy some as well.
"Meet the locals" on a Hiking trip - Vatnahalsen, Norway
Vatnahalsen - goats
For thoose who are doing the Norway in a nutshell®, Vatnahalsen is a natural stop for resting tired legs and enjoy a comfortable stay at Vatnahalsen Høyfjellshotell.
Just a short walk from the hotel you find the starting point of the popular Zipline. The spectacular experience takes you 305 metres down in 100km/h. The ride goes from Vatnahalsen to Kårdal at the bottom of the valley. A real adrenaline kick.

Winter activities

The Vatnahalsen area has a lot of snow in winter and has a varied terrain offering long a nice descents in all directions. When conditions allow you may ski all the way down the valley and take a ride on the Flåmsbana back up to the hotel. The train ride and the world class offpiste skiing makes a weekend at Vatnahalsen a fantastic ski experience.

Norway in a Nutshell®

On our famous Norway in a Nutshell® tour, Vatnahalsen is a natural stop for the traveller. You may enjoy a delicious dinner, take an evening walk in the great terrain and listen to the silence. A stop at Vatnahalsen gives peace of mind.

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Our most popular tour shows you the very best of Norway. See the stunning UNESCO-listed fjords. Ride the Bergen Railway and the Flåm Railway, two of the world's most scenic railway lines. The tour includes a visit to several traditional villages, where it's well worth spending an extra night. You can take the tour in a single day, but we recommend taking longer to experience even more.


  • Incredible scenery
  • A fjord cruise on the magnificent Nærøyfjord
  • The scenic Bergen Railway and the historic Flåm Railway
  • The quaint villages of Flåm and Gudvangen
  • Start in Oslo, Bergen, Voss, Geilo, or Flåm
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