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Snowmobile safari in Tromsø

Lyngen Snowmobile tour in Tromsø, Norway
Lyngen Snowmobile trip in Tromsø  - Norway
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Explore the majestic Lyngen Alps with a local guide on a scenic and exciting Snowmobile Safari

  • The tour starts from Tromsø city center on a comfortable bus ride through the beautiful Arctic winter landscape to a "wilderness playground" outside of Tromsø
  • Experience winter nature at its very best, as the Lyngen Alps offers some of the most beautiful winter scenery in all of Norway!
Starting point
7 hr
1 December - 31 March

Tour description

Upon arrival at the "wilderness playground," you will be provided with comfortable and warm winter suits, winter shoes, and mittens to keep you warm during the snowmobile adventure. The guide will then give you some basic training on how to operate a snowmobile before you set of into the wilderness on safe and well-established trails.
You travel in pairs on the snowmobile and can change seats halfway. There will be several stops along the way and safety is always the main concern. The snowmobile tour lasts from 60 to 90 minutes and focuses on sightseeing, playing in the snow, taking photos, and enjoying the fascinating surroundings of mountains, forests, and fjords.
Once back at the camp, you will be served a freshly made fish soup, a perfect end to a perfect day!

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