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The world's most beautiful islands above the Arctic Circle

Hamnøy Bridge  - Reine - Lofoten Islands in a nutshell, Reine, Norway
Midnight sun at Reinebringen - Lofoten Islands in a nutshell - Reine, Norway
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Lofoten Islands in a Nutshell™

  • Situated above the Arctic Circle, the Lofoten archipelago offers dramatic, imposing beauty everywhere you look.
  • In Lofoten, you will find steep mountains, white sandy beaches, cozy fishing villages, and an authentic way of life.
  • All is ready for you to enjoy - under the alluring midnight sun.
  • Start from: Bodø, Evenes, Trondheim or Oslo

  • Duration: 2 days or more

  • Personalize with: Overnight stays in idyllic locations and epic arctic activities

Season: 21 June - 4 August

If you're looking for a unique holiday destination this summer, Lofoten is the place for you. On this self-guided tour, you will experience a vibrant coastal culture and breathtaking scenery in a sustainable way.

The Lofoten Islands in a nutshell™ tour includes:

  • A comfortable tour through spectacular Lofoten in a modern low-emission bus
  • Beautiful mountain and island scenery
  • Visits to cozy fishing villages
  • The spectacular midnight sun

See the best of Lofoten

You start your Lofoten adventure from either Bodø, Evenes, Trondheim or Oslo. From Bodø, you travel by boat along the Northern coastline passing through narrow straits and charming fishing villages. You arrive in Svolvær, Lofoten's biggest town, where you enjoy one or more overnight stays to explore this fascinating urban hub in Lofoten.
After you overnight stay(s) in Svolvær you travel southwards on the archipelago to the charming fishing village of Henningsvær. Here you can stretch your legs and explore the authentic surroundings.
View of Svolvær - Lofoten Island, Norway
Svolvær in Lofoten is surrounded by great mountains. There are several amazing hiking trips here!
Henningsvær - Lofoten, Norway
Explore the charming fishing village of Henningsvær.

Visit Nusfjord and Reine

You continue the tour southward on the archipelago and your next stop is Nusfjord - perhaps one of the most authentic places to experience in Lofoten. Taking a stroll in the little village feels like walking around in an outside a museum!
Your journey continues to Reine - often described as Lofoten’s most scenic village. This is the perfect base for anyone wanting to explore Lofoten on hikes, kayaking trips, or fishing expeditions. We highly recommend an overnight stay in Reine. Here, you can stay in comfortable, authentic, and traditional “rorbuer”, charming cabins by the sea.
From Reine you continue to Moskenes, where a ferry takes you to Bodø. While crossing the Norwegian Sea and Vestfjord, you can reflect on the amazing Lofoten adventure you have experienced!
Kayaking in Reine -Lofoten Islands, Norway
Experience a midnight sun kayaking trip while visiting Reine.
In Lofoten you can visit authentic and traditional fishermen cabins, called "rorbu"

Booking your tour

  • You can start the Lofoten Islands in a Nutshell™ tour from Bodø, Evenes, Trondheim or Oslo.

  • Select your starting point, end point and date in the booking box to see available options.

  • Book you experience as a standard tour or customize it with activities and accommodation.


Svolværgeita - Lofoten Islands in a nutshell - Svolvær, Norway

Svolvær - the gateway to Lofoten

  • Lofotens larges town and known as the gateway to Lofoten.
  • The town is surrounded by breathtaking mountain peaks, there are endless opportunities to experience the dramatic landscape.
  • Explore cafes, restaurants, and shopping in the town nd be sure to visit a traditional "rorbu"
Lofoten Stadium Henningsvær - Norway

Henningsvær fishing village

  • Henningsvær is often called the “Venice of Lofoten”.
  • A stroll in Henningsvær offers distinctive, small cafes, cozy shops with local products
  • The village has also the most well-preserved architecture of traditional Norwegian villages
  • You might have seen pictures of Henningsvær’s football field as it is quite famous for its spectacular location right by the sea, surrounded by beautiful islands.
Hamnøy - Reine in Lofoten Islands, Norway

Reine - on the southern tip of the archipilago

  • One of the main reasons for visiting Reine in Lofoten is its breathtaking surroundings and landscape.
  • This tiny fishing village consists of several small islands connected by bridges.
  • Reine is a perfect base for adventures in Lofoten nature. We’d recommend using a kayak to get up close to the islands or take a hike up to the popular Reinebringen.
Midnight sun in Lofoten - Midnight sun cruise in Lofoten - Svolvær, Norway

The midnight sun

  • When visiting the Lofoten islands during the summer season, you can experience the magical Midnight sun.
  • This remarkable natural phenomenon occurs only at certain times of the year and very close to the Arctic.
  • Lofoten Islands is a perfect place to visit to witness this unique phenomenon where sunsets merge into the sunrise with no darkness in between.

Top activities on the Lofoten Islands in a Nutshell™ tour

Book an exciting activity as part of your Nutshell tour. Some activities may require overnight stays during your tour. This is just a selection - see all activities during the booking process!

Good to know

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