Different Ways to Experience The Northern Lights

How would you prefer to meet Aurora?

Photo: Northern Lights, Tromsø - Norway, Farout

The Benefits of Visiting Norway Off-Season

For somewhere as versatile as Norway, is there even an off-season?

Photo: Outdoorlife Norway

Ice Fishing in Norway

Crack the ice and get your pole out

Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life - Visitnorway.com

The Vikings

The Fascinating and Violent History of the Vikings

Photo: © Tuffe Photography

How to Prepare for The Norwegian Weather

There is no such thing as bad weather

Photo: Panorama Hotell og Resort

The fjords of Norway

Amazing, fascinating, alluring and spellbinding

Photo: ©Søren Schaper

Traditional Norwegian food

A short version of the Norwegian food traditions

Photo: Christin Eide

Eco-Friendly Travel in Norway

Let us help you to travel green

Photo: Flåm AS / Sverre Hjornevik

8 UNESCO sites in Norway

Norway is home to some truly ancient and colorful attractions and some of these are even designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Photo: Bergen Tourist Board, Girish Chouhan, Visitbergen.Com

Five Days in Norway

How to make the most out of five days in Norway


Facts about Norway

Photo: Outdoorlife Norway

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Articles / 6 Dec 2019
How the Sami people survied Norway's harsh winters

Anyone who has ever traveled to the Arctic for a Northern Light tour knows that it can get insanely cold, especially during the winter season. However, the indigenous Sami people have populated the Arctic Circle for hundreds of years. This begs the question— how were they able to survive the harsh weather for so long?

Articles / 5 Dec 2019
An Inside Look At Traditional Arctic Cuisine

When you think of a tasty dinner, what comes to mind—a burger, pizza, pasta, tacos? What would you do if none of these dishes (and the majority of their ingredients) weren’t available? This is the reality of most people living in the Arctic due to their remote location.

Articles / 4 Dec 2019
6 Norway Animals That May Soon Be Gone Forever

With global warming’s dire consequences becoming more apparent every year, more people are starting to open their eyes to the impact humans have on the environment. Luckily, this rise in environmentalism has made people more conscious about things that were previously thought to be minor, such as the impacts of tourism on the environment.

Articles / 3 Dec 2019
The Evolution of Norway's Coffee Culture

Something that most people are not aware of until they actually travel to Norway is the northern nation’s love for coffee. In fact, Norway has the second-highest per capita coffee consumption, with over 80 percent of its population drinking coffee on a daily basis.

Articles / 2 Dec 2019
The Real Norwegian Towns That Inspired Frozen

After watching Frozen and the upcoming Frozen 2, every child (and a lot of adults for that matter) will desperately wish they could visit the enchanting world of the Disney film. Even though you can’t simply just stumble into Arendelle and join Anna and Elsa on their daring adventures, but you can get pretty close when you book a tour to Norway.

Articles / 29 Nov 2019
Top 5 Norwegian Architectural Firms

From the Art Nouveau style of Ålesund to the modern appearance of Oslo, Norway truly has some impressive architecture. This is the result of centuries of some of the world's greatest architects being born and raised in Norway and spreading their influence and skill sets to other young architectural minds.

Articles / 28 Nov 2019
An Inside Look at Norway's Best Christmas Markets

When you picture Christmas, there are a few things you’ll likely see, including snow, cold, and a heap of presents. Luckily, these can all be found throughout Norway, especially during the Christmas season. One major part of Norwegian life around Christmas time is the dozens of bustling Christmas markets located throughout the entire country.

Articles / 27 Nov 2019
Getting Amazing Photos of the Seven Sisters Waterfalls in Geiranger

With so many amazing things to photograph in Norway, it can often be hard to choose which one to visit first. Although the majority of the people that visit Norway in winter tend to want to head up north to Tromsø to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights, however, a trip down south to visit the Seven Sisters Waterfalls in Geirangerfjord shouldn’t be overlooked.

Articles / 26 Nov 2019
The Ultimate Guide to Norwegian Folk Music

When people think of Norway, there are many things that likely come to mind including all of the incredible outdoor activities you can do here. However, something else that the country is well known for is its thriving music scene. And none have a richer history than Norwegian Folk Music.

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Articles / 22 Mar 2019
Eco-Friendly Travel with Fjord Tours
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Articles / 5 Sep 2019
Why Norway Is Perfect for Adventure Travelers

Some people prefer their vacations to consist of lounging on a reclining chair, watching the waves roll onto the shore. However, they are not the people we’re going to talk about in this article because, as you probably know—not everyone is interested in having that type of vacation.

Articles / 27 Aug 2019
Experience the Best of Norway in Sognefjord

While there are many different things to do in Norway, one of the activities that almost everyone who visits does is explore the many different fjords that are located throughout the country. It is incredibly easy to do this thanks to the multitude of tours throughout Norway that are available to tourists.

Articles / 24 Jun 2019
Visiting Norway

Known as the land of the midnight sun, Norway is a country that offers outstanding experiences all year round. Culture and cosmopolitan cities nestle alongside some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, creating a location which is unlike any other.

Articles / 23 Apr 2019
8 UNESCO Sites Norway

Norway is home to some truly ancient and colorful attractions and some of these are even designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. At the same time, not everyone knows about these sites before visiting Norway so we have compiled this list, as well as some further info on the UNESCO non-profit organisation.

Articles / 21 Aug 2019
Ålesund's Art Nouveau Architecture

Did you know that Norway is one of the more interesting places to experience modern and contemporary architecture? In addition to the gorgeous natural environments, making fjords and mountains unmissable elements of a trip to Norway, there is the lesser known attraction of its architectural history.

Articles / 24 Jul 2019
Oslo for Foodies

Today «New nordic cuisine» is a well integrated term in the culinary world. It hasn’t always been like this, and Norway has been viewed as somewhat of a culinary backwater. This, despite the fact that only France has racked up more wins in the «chefs’ world championship», the Bocuse d’Or competition!