Slow Travel in Norway

Have you ever felt more exhausted after a trip than before you left? Then you have probably done the exact opposite of slow travel!

Photo: Tonje Brattås

The "New Normal" when Traveling

What the “new normal” looks like for travel in Norway

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Your Guide to Norway

Find out everything you need to know about Norway

Photo: Vlada Photo / Visit Nordfjord

Traveling Tips as Borders Opens

Gets some tips for traveling in Norway as boarders opens up

Photo: Mattias Fredriksson/Fjord Norway

The Perfect Destination for Adventure Travelers

Do you have an adventurous spirit?

Photo: ©Trolltunga Active

Sustainable Tourism

What is sustainable tourism and why is it important?

Photo:åm AS

How to Prepare for The Norwegian Weather

There is no such thing as bad weather

Photo: Panorama Hotell og Resort

The Fjords of Norway

Amazing, fascinating, alluring and spellbinding

Photo: ©Søren Schaper

Eco-Friendly Travel in Norway

Let us help you to travel green

Photo: Flåm AS / Sverre Hjornevik

8 UNESCO Sites in Norway

Norway is home to some truly ancient and colorful attractions and some of these are even designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Photo: Bergen Tourist Board, Girish Chouhan, Visitbergen.Com

Five Days in Norway

How to make the most out of five days in Norway


Facts about Norway

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Dog-sledding In Norway

Dog-sledding in Norway is one of the most quintessential Scandinavian experiences you can have. It’s one of the most popular outdoor activities for travellers to the Nordic countries. Feel the power of these Norwegian dogs as they race across the snow, and immerse yourself in this entertaining and unique adventure during your visit to Norway!

Articles / 1 Dec 2021
Scenic landscapes in Norway

Photography enthusiasts are spoiled for choice when it comes to the many scenic landscapes and fantastic photo opportunities Norway has to offer. Whether you’re most interested in taking part in a wildlife photography tour, hoping to snap some fantastic landscape photos or want to capture the perfect shot of the northern lights, there are plenty of chances to explore your photography skills in Norway!

Articles / 30 Nov 2021
Film sites in Norway

It’s no secret that Norway is a beautiful, scenic country with some fantastic natural attractions. In fact, the dramatic scenery in some parts of Norway makes it the perfect backdrop for filming, and several Hollywood films have been shot in Norway. Keep reading for an overview of some of the most exciting movies that were filmed on location in Norway!

Articles / 25 Nov 2021
A closer look at Ålesund

Ålesund is a true hidden gem, unknown to many travelers to Norway. But this beautiful, peaceful town has plenty to offer visitors – let’s take a look at the many interesting aspects of Ålesund’s history, culture and natural experiences!

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The Best Norwegian Cruise Trips

Taking a cruise around Norway is one of the best ways to see everything that this beautiful country has to offer. There is a lot to choose from and in this article you will find the different cruise options on offer across Norway.

Articles / 18 Nov 2021
Land of the Midnight Sun

Norway is famous for its natural beauty, and it’s also known around the world as the “land of the midnight sun”. The northernmost regions of the country experience a remarkable natural phenomenon in which the sun stays up for several months during the summer. In this article, we’ll tell you all about this interesting phenomenon and tell you how you can experience the midnight sun for yourself!

Articles / 16 Nov 2021
Norwegian Stave Churches

Norway is a country full of beautiful scenery and landscapes, which are highlighted by wonderful architecture. Some of the most unique buildings in Norway are the stave churches whose signature wooden facades and elaborate carvings are instantly recognisable. Let’s take a look at the history of stave churches, and highlight some of Norway’s most important ones!

Articles / 15 Nov 2021
A History of Pulpit Rock

Pulpit Rock, known as Preikestolen locally, is one of Norway’s most popular tourist destinations. In this article, we’ll tell you all about its fascinating history and look at the reasons why this unique rock formation continues to attract visitors from near and far.

Articles / 12 Nov 2021
Northern Lights and Mythology

Through the ages, the northern lights have awed human beings and inspired countless myths, legends and folklore. Seeing this fascinating natural phenomenon in which bright colors dance across the night sky has long been at the top of the wish list for travellers across the world. Norway is one of the best places for chasing the aurora borealis, and in this article we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this captivating natural wonder!

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