The Benefits of Visiting Norway Off-Season

For somewhere as versatile as Norway, is there even an off-season?

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Why Norway Is Perfect for Adventure Travelers

Going on an adventure in Norway

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Experience the Best of Norway in Sognefjord

Sognefjord - "The King of the Fjords"

The Vikings

The Fascinating and Violent History of the Vikings

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How to Prepare for The Norwegian Weather

There is no such thing as bad weather

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The fjords of Norway

Amazing, fascinating, alluring and spellbinding

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Traditional Norwegian food

A short version of the Norwegian food traditions

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Eco-Friendly Travel in Norway

Let us help you to travel green

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8 UNESCO sites in Norway

Norway is home to some truly ancient and colorful attractions and some of these are even designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites

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Five Days in Norway

How to make the most out of five days in Norway


Facts about Norway

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Articles / 15 Nov 2019
Life in the Arctic

The majority of people who have not gone on a Norwegian cruise have likely never seen the Arctic in person. Therefore, when they picture locals living there, what might come to mind is the image of people wrapped in massive puffy winter jackets all year round and walking through roads that are covered in several feet of snow and ice.

Articles / 13 Nov 2019
How Norway Contributed to Japan's Most Popular Sushi

Sushi is something that is thought of as being exclusively Japanese. This is no surprise, since it has been one of their main sources of food for over 100 years. What might surprise you is the fact that one of the most popular forms of sushi served in Japan nowadays was actually not created in Japan at all. Instead, it is a product of a massively successful Norwegian marketing campaign in the late 20th century. Here is the story of how Norway contributed to create Japan’s most popular sushi.

Articles / 11 Nov 2019
How to plan for a glacier hike in Norway

Out of all the exciting things to do in Norway, perhaps the most widely known activity is glacier hiking. This is because Norway is located far enough North that it contains hundreds of spectacular glaciers, including Jostedalsbreen, which is the largest glacier in mainland Europe.

Articles / 8 Nov 2019
What is the Viking Honor System?

When most people think about the Vikings that once wandered the Norwegian fjords, they tend to picture chaotic and violent warriors that lived by no one's rules. However, the reality is that they had a complex honor system that they lived by.

Articles / 7 Nov 2019
Oslo-European Green Capital 2019

For many years, Norway has been considered one of the greenest countries in the world. This is due to the fact that it takes on so many environmentally-friendly initiatives that are aimed at significantly reducing the country's carbon footprint.

Articles / 6 Nov 2019
Ice Fishing in Norway

Fishing is a major part of Norwegian life, with it being the main source of the country's economy and food for hundreds of years. However, the fishing industry does not come to a screeching halt just because some snow starts flying. If it did, then the entire country would almost come to a halt for almost half of the year.

Articles / 4 Nov 2019
4 Must-Do's For a Fun Family Norwegian Vacation

With magnificent scenery and exciting experiences, Norway is one of the most family-friendly places on Earth. To help you navigate through the seemingly endless amount of exciting activities in Norway, here are four types of adventures that are an absolute must for any family visiting the Scandinavian country.

Articles / 4 Nov 2019
6 Essential Items For Visiting Norway In Winter

As a Scandinavian country that is over 2,500 kilometres long, Norway possesses very different kinds of weather in all four of its seasons. While the summer weather is quite warm no matter where you go, the winter can vary widely depending on your location. Therefore, it is important that you bring these essential items when coming to Norway during winter!

Articles / 29 Oct 2019
The 10 Most Powerful Norse Gods and Goddesses

Just like any other form of ancient civilization, the Vikings of Scandinavian countries had their own god-based belief system. These mighty Viking warriors followed figures that were even more powerful than they were. After all, they needed some way to explain the natural wonderment of the fjords in Norway, so they turned to a collection of gods and goddesses as the answer.

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Articles / 22 Mar 2019
Eco-Friendly Travel with Fjord Tours
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Articles / 5 Sep 2019
Why Norway Is Perfect for Adventure Travelers

Some people prefer their vacations to consist of lounging on a reclining chair, watching the waves roll onto the shore. However, they are not the people we’re going to talk about in this article because, as you probably know—not everyone is interested in having that type of vacation.

Articles / 27 Aug 2019
Experience the Best of Norway in Sognefjord

While there are many different things to do in Norway, one of the activities that almost everyone who visits does is explore the many different fjords that are located throughout the country. It is incredibly easy to do this thanks to the multitude of tours throughout Norway that are available to tourists.

Articles / 24 Jun 2019
Visiting Norway

Known as the land of the midnight sun, Norway is a country that offers outstanding experiences all year round. Culture and cosmopolitan cities nestle alongside some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, creating a location which is unlike any other.

Articles / 23 Apr 2019
8 UNESCO Sites Norway

Norway is home to some truly ancient and colorful attractions and some of these are even designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. At the same time, not everyone knows about these sites before visiting Norway so we have compiled this list, as well as some further info on the UNESCO non-profit organisation.

Articles / 21 Aug 2019
Ålesund's Art Nouveau Architecture

Did you know that Norway is one of the more interesting places to experience modern and contemporary architecture? In addition to the gorgeous natural environments, making fjords and mountains unmissable elements of a trip to Norway, there is the lesser known attraction of its architectural history.

Articles / 24 Jul 2019
Oslo for Foodies

Today «New nordic cuisine» is a well integrated term in the culinary world. It hasn’t always been like this, and Norway has been viewed as somewhat of a culinary backwater. This, despite the fact that only France has racked up more wins in the «chefs’ world championship», the Bocuse d’Or competition!