Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik
Fjord Tours Articles / 27 May 2019

What is on in Bergen this Summer?

Bergen is the kind of place that hits you smack dab in the face and where various concerts, shows and events are common throughout the year.

With so much to mention including vibrant pop festivals and famous musicals to opera, art exhibitions and international mountain bike summits, these exciting experiences never fail to delight locals and visitors alike.

In this article, we take a look at some upcoming shows and events that you might wish to attend this summer:

The Cultural Agenda

Bergen International Festival 2021 |  May 26 - June 9

Although more than sixty festivals take place each year, the Bergen International Festival 2022 is certainly one of the biggest. Featuring a wide range of local artists, this colorful festival consists of a wide range of performances such as ballet, music, dance and performing arts. In fact, there are more than four hundred events and the festival lasts for just over two weeks. As always, the classical music program is extensive. Full program here.

NattJazz Bergen in 2022 | May 26 - June 4

Nattjazz concentrates on showcasing a variety of jazz-related artists in Norway. At the same time, there is also an element of rock and jazz music at the festival and the popularity of this event continues to grow every year. What’s more, Nattjazz is known as the longest jazz festival in the north of Europe and takes place across eight days at the end of May. Check out the NattJazz homepage.

7 Mountain Hike Bergen 2021 | August 22

Bergen is surrounded by stunning scenery and some truly impressive peaks. At the same time, the foothills are just as beautiful and the perfect place for enjoying this hiking festival. Taking in seven mountains including Mount Fløyen and Mount Lyderhorn, this mountain hiking festival takes place in May and provides the ideal opportunity to experience the outdoors around Bergen. Needless to say, this encounter requires time and runs between 630am and 5pm.

Bergen Market Day 2021 | 

Market Day takes place in the port area and this popular event is a mixture of country and urban life around Bergen. In other words, you will find a wide range of boats in the harbour but then also just as many market traders with fresh produce and local crafts. What’s more, local music is played throughout, while traditional costumes are common place and help to create an especially fun atmosphere.

Tall Ships Races Bergen 2019 | July 21 - July 24

At the end of July, Bergen will host the Tall Ship Races which is brings some of the most exotic and impressive ships to these shores. As you may know, this event is arranged by Sail Training International (STI) and Bergen was actually the first city to ever host the event. Whether you have any interest in ships or not, this major event is an awe-inspiring sight which is unlikely to disappoint. More information here.

Bergen Food Festival 2021 | September 2 - September 5

Located at Koengen, the Bergen Food Festival is the largest food festival in Norway and focuses on both local and international cuisine. Just so you know, the surrounding farms are famous for fresh produce and the proximity of the ocean ensures there is just as much seafood on display. As if that’s not enough, there is also a children’s festival in which local chefs provide cooking courses and entertainment for the younger attendees.

Bergen International Film Festival 2021 | October 20 - October 28

With a great mix of documentaries and feature length films, the Bergen International Film Festival is right up there with the most famous in the world. At the same time, there are also interactive exhibitions and other forms of entertainment on show, and the event takes place for an entire week. More information here.

BergenFest 2022 | June 14- June 18

BergenFest is one of the more trendy music festivals in Norway and in many ways, the breeding ground for innovative bands such as Kings of Convenience and You Tube sensation Ylvis. That being said, this festival is mostly pop-focused and the crowd is much younger than the likes of the jazz or opera-type festivals. Highlights last time included Led Zeppelin legend Robert Plant and American indie folk hero, Bon Iver. Full program here.

Stoltzekleiven Up – Uphill Run | 

While it might not be for everyone, this intense uphill run is incredibly popular with thrill-seeker’s around the world. After climbing over 315 meters participants will have completed one of the toughest uphill runs in Europe and the event takes places over two days at the end of September.

As you can see, Bergen is home to some fantastic events during the year and with so much entertainment on offer, this is yet another reason to visit the vibrant city in Norway. Find a hotel in Bergen.


Photo: Trude Sletteland