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Fjord Tours Articles / 15 May 2020

Q&A with Fjord Tours

“One summer when there was nearly no rain a tourist asked when they turn on and off the waterfalls.” - Product Manager, Fjord Tours

Fjord Tours has been customizing sustainable and adventurous tours and activities for tourists for the last 40 years. In this interview, you will meet Lars from the Fjord Tours Team who reveals his favorite tours and other tips and tricks to get the most out of incredible Norway.

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Hi, Lars! Could you please give a brief introduction to Fjord Tours?

- Fjord Tours was Founded in 1982 with the idea to offer package tours, activities, and hotels for both the Norwegian and the international market. Today we offer more than 30 tours with more to come! Our office is situated in beautiful Bergen.

- Our tours are primarily designed for people traveling on their own or in groups and take in some of the most popular tourist attractions in Norway. On our various round trips, you can combine a relaxing train journey with a bus and boat trip in the beautiful fjord and mountain scenery. Along the way, you can add overnight stays in exciting locations and join in on lots of varied activities.

You can read more about Fjord Tours and our trips HERE

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What is your favorite tour?

- I have to say original Norway in a Nutshell® tour which takes you through Norway’s most breathtaking UNESCO-protected fjord and mountain scenery, as well as a trip on Europe’s top scenic rail journey. Experience the scenic Bergen Railway, the breathtaking Flåm Railway, the Aurlandsfjord, the narrow and dramatic UNESCO-protected Nærøyfjord, and a bus trip through beautiful Western Norway. 

The trip is available as a day tour or as a tour with overnight stays en route (which I strongly recommend). You can start the tour in Oslo, Bergen, Voss, or Flåm, no matter the season.

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And how about a favorite activity?

- Oh, that has to be Flåm Zipline Experience. This is a wild ride through beautiful nature, followed by a relaxing bike ride through the Flåm Valley. Action, nature experiences, and relaxation all at once.

- Another favorite is the Silent Trollfjord Cruise Lofoten, where you can enjoy a scenic boat cruise from Svolvær to Trollfjorden. This trip is perfect for those who want to explore majestic peaks and stunning nature in complete silence on the hybrid-electric ship Brim. The friendly boat crew will share knowledge about the wildlife, landscape, and history of the resilient communities living in this epic coastal landscape while you sit back and relax with a drink from the bar. 

Fjord Tour offers a huge amount of activities, so you should be able to find activities that fit your wants and needs.

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How many tourists travel every year with Fjord Tours and where are the tourists from?

- We have 100.000 bookings on our ready planned tours every year, not counting people who only book activities or hotels.

- The majority of tourists who book through Fjord Tours come from the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, China, Germany, Brazil, Norway, Italy, and France. Last year we had bookings from tourists from over 130 countries!

What is the most fun memory after all these years of operation?

- Developing new sustainable tours for customers where they get everything in one package. This also contributes to the local value and job creation for Norwegian businesses.

From our product manager: One summer when there was nearly no rain a tourist asked when they turn on and off the waterfalls :D

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Which are your most popular tours and activities?


  1. Norway in a Nutshell®
  2. Sognefjord in a Nutshell
  3. Hardangerfjord in a Nutshell™
  4. Flåm Adventure Tour


  1. Fjord Safaris in Flåm (there are several different types)
  2. Dog Sledding in Tromsø
  3. Fjord Safari in Oslo (there are several different types)
  4. Fjord Safaris in Geiranger (there are several different types)
  5. Tours to Trolltunga
  6. Kayaking in Gudvangen
  7. Kayaking in Flåm
  8. Kayaking in Reine
  9. Hikes to Pulpit Rock
  10. Fjord Safaris in Balestrand


  1. Oslo
  2. Bergen
  3. Flåm
  4. Voss
  5. Gudvangen
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What do you need to pack when going on a trip with Fjord Tours?

- Norway has very different kinds of weather in all four of its seasons. While the summer weather is quite warm no matter where you go, the winter can vary widely depending on your location.

Due to the sometimes unpredictable weather, it's always smart to think "layers" when packing for a trip to Norway. Regardless of the season, it will always be smart to bring:

  • Waterproof hiking boots or shoes
  • Waterproof jackets and pants
  • A hat or beenie
  • Long underwear
  • Down jacket, gloves, and scarfs
  • Wool socks
  • Sunglasses

- On top of this, here are some essentials to bring if you come during winter:

  • Thermal Underwear
  • Winter Boots
  • Snow Spikes/studs
  • Sweater (particularly one made out of wool)
  • Skis! (If you got some. If not you are it is also possible to rent at Ski resorts in Norway)

Read more about how to prepare for the weather in Norway HERE

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Are trips with Fjord Tours environmentally friendly?

- Yes! We are proud to be a certified Eco-Lighthouse (Miljøfyrtårn) company and we have also received the European Sustainable Tourism Award. Once you experience the stunning landscapes and incredible wildlife our country has to offer, you’ll no doubt understand the importance of doing everything you can to protect it.

-We take our responsibility as leaders in ecotravel very seriously and we love to help you to find ways to travel sustainably. So, if you’re looking for green travel options for your next trip to Norway, booking a trip through Fjord Tours is a safe way to keep your carbon footprint down.

- For example, a flight from Oslo to Bergen has a CO2 emission per person at 69kg. On the Norway in a Nutshell® tour where you travel from Oslo to Bergen via train, your total emission comes to only 7 kg!

Read more on how to travel green with Fjord Tours HERE

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Which tour is best for us who love good food and drink experiences?

- Then I truly recommend our Norwegian cuisine tours and activities. For example Fjord Safari, Hiking & local food tours, Northern Lights Cuisine Cruise in Tromsø, Local Food Safari in Røros, or one of our Cider tours in Hardangerfjord or Sognefjord.

You can read more about our tasty food tours in Norway HERE

Do your tours cater for large groups, or are they best suited for couples and families?

- We have trips for everyone! From city lovers looking for great restaurants and unique shopping to adventure goers looking for their next adrenaline rush to lovers of the outdoors looking for some remote peace and quiet. Our classic Norway in a Nutshell round tour guarantees success for both single travelers, couples, families, or larger groups.

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If I love extreme sports, which tour should I choose?

- I recommend one of our “Via Ferrata Tours” if you like to challenge yourself, have a physical condition above the average, and can move in steep terrain. Voss is Norway’s action sports capital, so that is also a good choice. You can add action-adventure activities to all our trips by choosing from this list.

And after my parents or grandparents see my amazing photos, which tour could I recommend that is a little slower paced?

- That’s easy. Norway in a Nutshell®, takes in a bit of everything and can be tailored as peaceful and relaxing or as fast and exciting as the guest desires.

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How do I decide which tour is right for me?

- Norway has a lot of interesting and exciting places to visit! We can tailor almost any tour to suit your needs. Get a quick overview of the main cities in Norway and find exciting things to do:

Are there any fun myths about Norway that you are often asked about?

- The most popular myths are about Trolls and Vikings. The Vikings were definitely real and depending on which part of the country you are in, the Trolls were too...oh, and the fact that Norwegians are born with skis in their feet.

What is the biggest cultural difference foreign tourists can expect in Norway?

- Norway is a good place to live and frequently on top lists for best living standards, happiest people, and so on. Norwegians are famous for being tolerant of a dry sense of humor, as well as having a strong sense of community. Even though Norwegians are happy people, very few Norwegians will start talking to strangers unless they are spoken to first. But if you do start talking to a Norwegian, you will most likely get a friendly smile back.

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Last but not least, what is the nicest feedback you have received from tourists?

- Wow, that is a hard question. We are lucky to get nice feedback from happy clients all the time. I had to ask our booking department, and I got a whole list from them (read them below).

Thank you Lars, it really sounds great. I think I’m ready to book!

- Thank you! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about our tours and how to book them.

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Very much satisfied with the booking online as well as the quick response to my demand for luggage transfer after i had bought the trip, congratulations to all!

Hi Merethe Thanks for all your work with my booking. We’re set! If everything in Norway is as good as your service then we’re bound to have a great time. 

I just came from Norway after I made the necessary reservation with your travel agency. I would like to thank you for your collaboration and for your professional behavior. Our trip was perfectly arranged and we can confirm that this was the best trip we ever had. Tickets, trips, hotels, and organizations were extremely well arranged and we are very glad about the service. Thank you very much.

Dear Aud, You were the answer to our prayers and many phone calls today 😊 and I will personally never forget your efforts today. Thank you again for your continuing support to us !! you can be sure it is HIGHLY APPRECIATED !! Lots of love from me today! – hope the day gets easier and that you all have a chance to get a cold beer after such a day! Xx

Thank you, Marian, I’ve just reserved a car through your website. It’s a very nice saving for us — and we’re so looking forward to returning to beautiful Norway, home of stunning scenery and sane people ;-)

My family just returned from our first visit to the lovely country of Norway and I just wanted to let you know that our tickets through the Fjords via Norway in a Nutshell Tour we purchased from you was just spectacular!  From the ordering process to the simple pickup of the tickets and the ease of the schedule in all of the transportation connections - all was hassle-free and gave us a trip of a lifetime! Thank you so much for offering such a great service.  Will definitely be purchasing through you again and will strongly recommend it to others. 

You help make my plan complete! Million million thanks for your wonderful support :)

Dear Merethe, Thanks for helping us with changing the room at the Kviknes.  We are very excited about our trip to Norway and can hardly wait to see the Sognefjord area.  My husband and I really want to thank you for the time and kindness you have given us while planning our trip.  It has been a delight to work with you.☺  

I just completed and purchased our Norway in a Nutshell Tour tickets. Thank you for walking me step by step through the process, it was of great help! It will be terrific if the Tour itself will be handled as competently and as smoothly as the Fjordtours office team work!