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Fjord Tours Articles / 4 Aug 2020

What the “new normal” looks like for travel in Norway

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) was a game-changer and impacted our lives dramatically leading to a very different “new normal”. From how we plan everyday life, to the way we greet people we meet, and not least: how we travel. While 93 Million U.S. Citizens traveled outside the US in 2018 (, most countries advised their citizens not to travel abroad in 2020-21

2021: In Europe and the Nordic countries, some have begun to open their borders to foreign travel. Norway is one of these countries. On 15 July 2021, the borders of selected countries in the Schengen area opened. So-called "green" areas, which could indicate low infection rates.

All precautions are taken, and despite the fact that many from abroad have taken the trip to enjoy Norwegian nature and pleasures, the infection rates have not flared up again. It bodes well for the rest of the world who want to travel to Norway.

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Nevertheless, COVID-19 has led to a "new normal" which the whole world is becoming accustomed to. More regular and diligent hand-washing, social distancing, and quarantining after travel or if the nose runs.

Norwegian authorities were relatively quick to act, banning events with more than 200 people and eventually closing non-essential businesses and borders.

The pandemic has changed our mentality. Before, we were attracted to places where many people gathered, while now we want to go out into nature, and to places where there are fewer people.

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Norway is (in terms of area) gigantic in relation to the population and offers some of the most epic outdoor adventures you will ever find. Many Norwegians have disappeared to their mountain or summer cabins, so it is far less crowded in the cities. In 2020, all sports shops in Norway were sold out for hammocks and in short supply for many camping themed products.

If you are itching to get out and abroad, Norway can currently be considered a safe destination. Infection rates are low, shops and restaurants have reopened with a number of precautions that include social distancing, protecting staff, antibac, smaller seating plans, ordering at tables and a number of smart app solutions to reduce physical interactions.

The world has changed but Fjord Tours is ready to help you start exploring this new world order!

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