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Fjord Tours Articles / 3 Jan 2022

Norway: Best In Travel 2022

This won’t come as a surprise to anyone who has visited, but Norway has been named as one of Lonely Planet’s best countries to travel to in 2022. With beautiful landscapes, fantastic winter sports, and incredible culture, this Scandinavian wonderland is perfect for anyone looking for a scenic getaway – or just to relax in one of the country’s many charming, historic towns and cities.

Why should I visit Norway?

From incredible fjords to thriving cities and culture, Norway is a country of remarkable contrast and plenty to offer anyone hoping to visit. While Norway has been made famous for its stunning and unique natural landscapes, it actually has so much more to offer travelers.

Apart from its incomparable natural beauty, Norway has many cultural and historical attractions and activities for anyone interested in learning more about the country. If you’re enthusiastic about sustainable travel and living, Norway is a fantastic place for you, with its big focus on preserving the environment around us. It’s no wonder that the country was named one of Lonely Planet’s Best Countries for Travel in 2022!

Norway also is a regular feature at the top of the list of the World’s Happiest Countries, and you may be able to benefit from the happy and friendly attitude of local Norwegians during your trip – especially when out and about exploring nature.

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Photo: Øyvind Heen

What are the best places to visit in Norway in 2022?

Norway is not just for skiing, sledding, and cruising! There is a lot of variety between cities and towns, and you should pick your destination carefully depending on what you’d like to do. Here are some of the best places to visit in Norway – you’ll find something different around every corner.
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Known as the 2019 European Green Capital, this thriving city is far more exciting than travel books give it credit for. From trendy bars and clubs to incredible historical museums and sites, Oslo is a great holiday location. Art lovers shouldn’t miss the Munch Museum, built in celebration of the famous Norwegian painter Edvard Munch.

Surrounded by dense natural forests and fjords, it’s easy to get involved with both rural and urban activities during your visit. Oslo was also named one of the Lonely Planet’s Best Cities for Travel, so make sure to add it to your list!

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History and the present-day collide spectacularly in Norway’s second-largest city. With museums, restaurants, and a thriving nightlife, Bergen has long been featured on Lonely Planet’s list of Best Cities for Travel in Europe. Some of the country’s best museums are located in Bergen, and the city is also known as the "Gateway to the fjords", and you can start several of our tours from Bergen. Also, make sure to sample some delicious food from one of the great seafood restaurants, or perhaps even a Michelin-starred restaurant?

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Known as ‘the troll's tongue’ in English, this long rock formation juts out almost 1100m from the supporting cliff face above Lake Ringedalsvatnet in Hordaland County. the views are incredible, and there are several ways of experiencing this epic hike! 

Different ways to experience Trolltunga

Glamping at Trolltunga

Hike to Trolltunga and spend the night in a dome! Experience the sunset and sunrise at Trolltunga - a beautiful, intense, magical and truly unique nature experience.

Trolltunga Via Ferrata

Take the spectacular route to Trolltunga on a Via Ferrata! Enjoy a guided tour filled with exciting activities and attractions. The tour combines hiking and climbing the stunning Via Ferrata route to the famous Trolltunga!

Trolltunga Tapas & Cider Platter

Enjoy a tasty 5-course meal of local food served with locally produced cider at charming Trolltunga Hotel. This is a tasteful and local Hardanger experience in Odda and a perfect way to end a day of hiking!

Guided Trolltunga Hike

Join in on an epic hiking trip with guide to the majestic Trolltunga - one of Norway's most spectacular sight.

Winter Tour to Trolltunga

Trolltunga is one of Norway's most spectacular, and photographed places. The rock formation hanging 1,100 meters over the Ringdalsvatnet lake is, literarily, a breathtaking view. In winter this place is even more fascinating, and going on a winter hike to Trolltunga is an experience of a lifetime!

Trolltunga Via Ferrata & Glamping

Take the spectacular route to Trolltunga on a Via Ferrata and spend the night in a dome on the top! Enjoy a guided tour filled with exciting activities and attractions. At the top, a unique accommodation awaits in a comfortable Dome with panoramic views of the fjord and mountains surrounding Trolltunga.

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Photo: Tomasz Furmanek


Lofoten is one of the most spectacular destinations in Norway! Lofoten has been especially popular this year and it is drop-dead gorgeous and just as mindblowing for us natives as tourists. Deep blue turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, stunning mountain rock formations, idyllic and picturesque fishing villages all await in these enchanting Islands. On our Legendary Lofoten Tour you can experience the beautiful Arctic Lofoten in a simple, comfortable, and easy way, without the need for your own car.

(C) Jonas Legernes Northern Lights
Photo: Jonas Legernes

Tromsø and the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, is a spectacular natural phenomenon that cannot fail to impress when in its full glory. This phenomenon can be seen from as early as September to the end of March. In this article, we try to shed some light (excuse the pun) on what causes nature's most extraordinary light show and some of the best places to see it. 

Trømso city is also a hidden gem with several existing activities and experiences all year round. Find out more in our Tromsø City Guide.

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Cruises to Norway in 2022

Any traveler worth their salt knows that the Norwegian fjords are among the most spectacular in the world. These beautiful ice masses draw thousands of tourists each year, and the best way to get up close and personal is on a cruise. Large ships travel silently through the looming cliffs and magnificent icescapes, and often stop at the cities and towns located at the fjord’s edges – so there are plenty of chances to explore!

The best time of year to cruise to Norway depends on what you’re hoping to see. For sunlit ice mountains and glaciers, you should visit in July and August. If you’re hoping to get a glimpse of the famous northern lights, September and October are the best time for a trip to Norway. 

If you’re looking for a getaway in 2022, a Norway holiday could be just the thing! Our most popular tour, the Norway in a Nutshell® tour, does exactly what it says on the tin. It gives you a complete and comprehensive experience of our beautiful country and comes highly recommended to anyone visiting Norway!

Lonely Planet knows a thing or two about places to visit around the world – now it’s time for you to discover just what makes Norway so special!