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Fjord Tours Articles / 13 May 2020

Norwegian Movies to Watch

If you have never visited before, then watching some of its top films and series can be a good way of getting a sneak peek at what the culture is like. While movies are notorious for exaggerating various elements to reach a more dramatic effect, these films can still provide a great insight into some of the finer details of what life is like in that specific part of the world.

If you are looking for some great Norwegian cinema to help you better understand life in Norway, here are the best Norwegian movies you should be watching.

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When a film has been nominated for an Academy Award, such as this film by director Peter Næss, you know it is worth watching. Based on the book Blood Brother by Norwegian author Ingvar Ambjørnsen, this comedy-drama movie is Norwegian through and through.

It follows the unfortunate life of a 40-year-old autistic man named Elling who is forced into a psychiatric institution after the death of his mother. But after meeting a friend named Kjell and being released from the institution together, their lives begin to take a turn for the better as they adapt to life within the Norwegian capital of Oslo.

This film also provides a better understanding of the Norwegian welfare system.

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The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix

The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix is yet another film based on the works of a Norwegian author. This time, it is the books and cartoons written by Kjell Aukrust. This stop-motion movie has the honor of being the most successful Norwegian film of all time and actually held the record for the highest box office earnings of any stop-motion film for 18 years.

It tells the story of an inventor named Reodor and his goal of building an exceptional race car that can outperform the vehicle technology stolen by his former apprentice. This film is something that nearly every Norwegian is familiar with and is shown on tv every Christmas.

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Although this film was remade in 2012, it is this original black and white 1950 version that still remains the only Norwegian film to win an Academy Award, which was for the Best Documentary Feature. This documentary explores the incredible adventures of Norwegian scientist Thor Heyerdahl, who sails across the Pacific Ocean using a makeshift wooden vessel in order to try and prove his theory about the Incas making the same journey hundreds of years earlier.

While the footage may appear dated, the message of the story is still very relatable and demonstrates the adventurous spirit that is found in most Norwegians. The movie is set on the Pacific Ocean and if you are feeling a bit "nautic" you can explore the Norwegian Waters in this article.

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For something a little more suspenseful, there is this psychological thriller that tells the tale of two Kripos detectives that are responsible for trying to capture the killer that murdered a teenage girl in Tromsø. But all does not go as planned and an unintentional fire incident results in a quickly debilitating situation for detective Engström.

This is once again a film that provides a detailed look at the beautiful scenery found in Norway. But unlike Elling, this film gives you a look at the incredible Arctic Circle scenery and includes a lot of footage of the Midnight Sun that is comparable to what you can experience on the Midnight Sun Adventure in Tromsø.

Although these films can provide some great insights into what Norway has to offer, they are nothing compared to what you will be able to experience if you actually travel to Norway.

We hope that we can soon welcome you!