Photo: Voss Resort / Erik Østlie
Fjord Tours Articles / 25 Sep 2020

Norway’s Sports and Athletics Culture

Norwegians excel in winter sports. Their performances at the Winter Olympics prove how skillful they are. After all, no one can argue with a gold medal. Partially, their success is due to the wide availability of snowy peaks throughout Norway. But another contributing factor is the culture of athletics.

All Norwegians grow up valuing physical activity. As children, Norwegians enjoy sport for its playfulness and not for its competition. Surrounded by so much natural beauty, it’s easy to understand why so many adults choose to participate in outdoor sporting events. Anyone visiting Norway can partake in Nordic athletic culture. 
From ski slope to zipline, there’s an outdoor athletic activity for everyone. Here we’ll review a few of the best opportunities for visitors to take part in Norway’s action sports scene.

Geilosiden Paul Arthur Lockhart
Photo: Paul Lockhart

Skiing Outside of Town

When ski season hits, slopes fill with people who want to enjoy the mountain peaks from on high. If you’d like to be one of them, here are some of the best mountain peaks for winter skiing. 

In Geilo, you can explore one of the best ski resorts in Norway with a unique center for both alpinists, jibbers, and snowboard enthusiasts. With downhill as well as cross-country skiing options, you can try it all in Geilo. The facility also includes a school if anyone in your group needs to take some lessons in Norway’s national sport. For people who value sustainability, you can travel to Geilo in a sustainable way on the Ski Ticket Geilo

Whether you like snowboarding, downhill skiing, or Telemark skiing, challenging, or easy slopes, you will find something that suits you in Myrkdalen Ski Resort. Travel to one of the snowiest skiing destinations in Norway on Ski Ticket Myrkdalen, only a short distance from Bergen. Myrkdalen is located only 25 kilometers from Voss in one of the snowiest areas in Norway.

IMG 6075 1428044 Foto Preben Stene Larsen
Photo: VisitOSLO/Preben Stene Larsen©OsloVinterpark

Urban Ski Options

The closest ski slope to Oslo is the Oslo Winter Park, only twenty minutes by car from downtown. This destination is perfect for visitors who don’t have a car, as it’s accessible via public transportation. The Oslo Winter Park has become a popular site for large competition events like the X-Games and the Arctic Challenge. If you want to possibly catch a glimpse of a famous athlete, this is the place to go.

Voss is another excellent place to enjoy fresh snow and blue skies. If you like to sky under the light of the moon, Voss Resort offers evening skiing three days a week. They also have onsite snowmaking equipment to help top up seasonal snowfall and prolong the season. With nearby cafes and restaurants, Voss is a great option for athletes who want to enjoy the slopes and the city. It’s not far from Bergen and on the Ski Ticket Voss, it makes it convenient for day-time ski adventurers.

Photo: Flåm Zipline

Ziplining Over Fjords

There may not be a competition for it yet, but the Flam zipline does hold the record for the longest zipline in Scandinavia. If you’re looking for a warm-weather idea, then a zip line might be just the activity to get your heart pumping. Put on your helmet and buckle into the seat, and you’ll be zooming over the western fjords like an eagle on the hunt. Sport is not only about the competition, but it’s also about what follows. When you visit the Flam zipline, you can enjoy a local meal or hop on the Flam Railway to explore the nearby area.

Overall, the most essential ingredient to Nordic sports culture is inclusion. You can rely on Norwegians to make everyone feel welcome. So no matter your skill level, you can benefit from the Nordic outdoor athletics culture. You may meet a famous athlete on the slopes, or it could just be a native Norwegian who grew up in the powder.