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Fjord Tours Articles / 29 Apr 2022

UNESCO Geirangerfjord & Trollstigen tour: Ålesund

The beautiful Art Nouveau city of Ålesund is one of Norway’s most unique cities. While the city itself has plenty to offer visitors, it’s often used as a base for exploring the surrounding fjord landscape. Let’s take a closer look at Ålesund as a travel destination.

You can now explore the Art Nouveau city of Ålesund, the stunning Geiranger area as well as the alpine village of Åndalsnes - all in one trip with Fjord Tours' new UNESCO Geirangerfjord & Trollstigen tour!

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Where is Ålesund?

Ålesund is located on Norway’s west coast. Known as the Art Nouveau city, it is beautifully situated in the western part of fjord Norway, built on a row of islands stretching out into the Atlantic Ocean.

Historically, Ålesund was a fishing town and port, and it now serves as the cultural center of the Sunnmøre region. Ålesund has long been known as the gateway to the famous northwestern fjords, and many travelers use the city as their starting point for exploring the Norwegian fjords, especially the UNESCO World Heritage site Geirangerfjord.

If you’re wondering where to stay in Ålesund, there are several great hotels and other accommodation in the area – including Hotel Brousudet, an intimate, family-owned hotel situated right on the river in the centre of town.

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What is there to do in Ålesund?

There’s plenty to do in the beautiful city of Ålesund. In fact, Ålesund and Sunnmøre are among Norway’s most popular tourist destinations.

One of the unique aspects of Ålesund is the city’s Art Nouveau architecture. After large parts of Ålesund were destroyed in a fire in 1904, the city was rebuilt using the popular architecture trend at the time, the Art Nouveau style. The intricate architecture features stone buildings with spires, turrets and an interesting folkloric twist making Ålesund a fantastic city for just walking around and enjoying the fairytale vibe. Even better, why not join an Art Nouveau Kayaking tour and see the city from the water?

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For outdoor lovers, Ålesund and Sunnmøre is a veritable playground. Whether you’d prefer to go hiking, skiing or exploring the fjords by boat, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The rugged mountains in the area are perfect for scenic hikes, climbing peaks, and skiing with the stunning view of snow-capped mountaintops. The Mount Aksla viewpoint is a fairly easy trek, and Godøyfjellet also offers great hiking opportunities for the whole family. Hiking in the beautiful Molladalen valley, which is surrounded by some of the most spectacular mountains in the area is another hot tip, and the majestic Sunnmøre Alps can’t be missed!

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It’s no secret that boat trips are a popular way to explore Norway, and plenty of Norwegian cruises set sail for Ålesund’s port. Joining a fjord cruise from Ålesund to Geiranger is a beautiful way to see the fjords and surrounding landscape. While you’re in the area, you can’t miss a visit to the historic Alnes lighthouse which was built in 1876. The well-known tourist spot is a Norwegian heritage site where visitors can learn about the unique coastal culture of this region of Norway.

Those interested in animals and wildlife will enjoy a visit to the beautiful bird sanctuary island Runde – this famous, tiny island is also known as Treasure Island, and is also a great destination for diving and fishing.

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What’s the weather like in Ålesund?

The weather in Ålesund is generally fairly mild. The area is strongly influenced by ocean currents, meaning it usually doesn’t get too cold in the winter (relatively speaking, of course) or too hot during the summer season. For many people, the best time to visit Ålesund is the summer, when the weather is warmer. During the winter, Ålesund can get cold much like other destinations in Norway, so be sure to prepare well and wrap up warm if you’re hoping to visit for some winter skiing! We would always recommend that you plan the timing of your holiday carefully, and check the Ålesund weather forecast before setting off on your trip.

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The UNESCO Geirangerfjord & Trollstigen Tour

Fjord Tours’ UNESCO Geirangerfjord & Trollstigen tour is designed to show you the best of Åndalsnes, Geiranger, and Ålesund and all in one customizable holiday. The tour is designed to let travelers explore some of Norway’s most well-known natural sights and attractions as well as learn about the cultural heritage of the area. The customizable tour will involve traveling by boat, rail, and bus, and this is an example itinerary: 

  • Train, Oslo - Dombås 
  • Train, Dombås - Åndalsnes
  • Bus, Åndalsnes - Ålesund
  • Boat, Ålesund - Geiranger
  • Bus, Geiranger – Ålesund
  • Back to Oslo on the same route

If you’re currently planning your next holiday, do consider the UNESCO Geirangerfjord & Trollstigen tour. The tour will take you on an unforgettable journey through some of Norway’s most breathtaking landscapes, and we look forward to showing you around Fjord Norway on this unforgettable experience – spectacular scenery and unique experiences await you!

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