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Fjord Tours Articles / 5 Jan 2021

How to make the most of the winter during coronavirus

The winter season is here! This would normally mean crowded Christmas markets, snow-sledding, dancing with friends after midnight and big family gatherings. While this year (in Oslo at least) we have rain and the ever looming shadow of covid-19.

But let’s not make these bumps in the road a big deal. There is lots of snow and adventure in the Norwegian mountains with open ski resorts and restaurants. Norway has a lot of excellent ski resorts and they have all taken steps to combat the corona virus. Keep updated on their measures here.

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Most likely most of us won’t be able to travel much this winter season, so while we all dream about our next winter adventure, we thought we’d share some tips on how you can get the true winter feeling right where you are.

In Norway it seems our winters can last forever sometimes, so we are pretty good at doing winter. Please prepare your fantasy and creativity, and try out the following tips.

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Photo: Grim Berge

A love holiday in a winter cabin

"All" Norwegians have a cabin or access to one where they can spend their winters. You can go there with friends, family, your date or even by yourself. Depending on the situation where you are, check out alternatives on Airbnb, or transform your living room into a cabin for the weekend. You need:

Candles, lots of them! Many cabins come without electricity, so to make your weekend in your living room-cabin as romantic and realistic as possible, turn off all electrical lights and light candles in every corner (Do not leave the room unattended full of candles, and make sure they are all blown out before going to bed).

Cards and other table games: Obligatory when spending the weekend in a cabin.

Books and movies: We do recommend a weekend without any screens, but a movie or two never hurts. We obviously recommend you to see Frozen, inspired by the Norwegian winter landscape, to get in the right mood.

A fireplace and blankets: No cabin trip without a fire. If you don’t have access to a real fireplace, put on this 10-hours fireplace video and wrap yourself and your partner up in a big cozy blanket.

Snow: You might be lucky and have snow right outside your window, but if not, and you really want to come into the winter mood, you can buy fake snow and put it outside your window instead. Most craft stores stock spray snow this time of year.

Skis: A big part of a cabin trip in the winter is to go skiing. Luckily you don’t need snow to do this. Roller-skis and inline skates are great tarmac alternatives, or how about competing at the winter olympics on a Nintendo Wii?

Food and drinks: This weekend is of course not complete without heaps and heaps of food and drinks. We recommend trying out a Christmas dish that is typically Norwegian: Pinnekjøtt (stick meat), which is steamed and smoked lamb ribs with mashed neeps (turnip) and potatoes. Beside this a small drink of Aquavit to help with digestion and give you rosy cheeks.

Have a happy winter season!

Snowshoe hiking Raundalen from Voss
Photo: Hunnalvatn Media