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Odda is a historical industrial city by Hardangerfjorden, surrounded by high mountains and might fjord lanscape. The activities are many here and the contrasts are big! Odda is journey through exiting history and great nature.


Without doubt, the Troll`s Tongue is the most known mountain icon in this area. Odda is the perfect spot and offers numerous possibilities to climb this epic mountain. The classic trail or a challenging route on Via Ferrata. Or how about Glamping on Trolltunga, a unique experience where one gets to enjoy both the sunset and sunrise, almost to your selves? The night is spent in a comfortable and transparent dome, where you are granted a majestic view of beautiful mountains and fjord landscapes. It can not be described it must be experienced.

On the fjord

While in Odda a visit to the fjord is almost a must. One popular activity is the rib-boat trip on Hardangerfjorden which includes a stopover at a lush orchard where you get to taste the famous Hardanger Cider.

If you`re in for a more peaceful water activity, the kayak trip on the Sandvin Lake is a beautiful experience. It`s said that this lake and landscape were the inspiration for the famous painting from 1848 by Tidemand & Gude «Brudeferd i Hardanger» - Honeymoon in Hardanger.

Cider in Hardanger

On a Cider Experience in Hardanger, you will get to know the local tastes and fantastic fjord landscape. The cruise during the tour is a great experience and from the boat, you will be able to see Folgefonna glacier as well as the mountains on both sides of the fjord with its splendid orchards. At the different cider farms, you will learn about the production of traditional Hardanger cider and get to taste the high-class produce. Maybe you find yourself a favorite and buy a bottle or two to bring home with you.

Travel to Odda

If you want to experience Odda, we highly recommend our Hardangerfjord in a nutshell™ tour. Idyllic fjord landscapes, lush fruit and cider farms, mighty mountains with dramatic waterfalls and powerful glaciers are just some of the highlights to look forward to!


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