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Tromsø is called the "Gateway to the Arctic" because it enjoys more Northern Lights than anywhere else in the world. The city also has two whole months of Midnight Sun. In Tromsø It´s a short way from the urban city life to untouched arctic nature and you will find many fun and exciting activities all year round.

Northern Lights
The Northern Lights can be seen from the city center, but the most spectacular sights will be if you head outside the city skill, preferably with a Northern Lights guide who knows the best places to see this magical light.

Winter experiences
Winter in the arctic is special. In Tromsø you can join in on a sleigh ride with dogs or reindeer through snow-covered landscapes, experience whales up close on a fjord safari or get to know the Sami culture and history better. For those who want more action, you can go on a snowmobile safari and summit ski trips in the Lyngen Alps.

In the sea outside Tromsø, whales and killer whales abound in the winter and from the city you can join in on a whale safari in a quiet hybrid boat. It is a magical sight to watch the humpback and killer whales as they feed in the herring-rich fjords.

Summer experiences
When you visit Tromsø during summer you will discover a city full of culture, terrific food and incredible nature, right on its doorstep. In Tromsø it´s a bunch of fun and exciting activities you can join in the summer time. From the quay in Tromsø you can head out on the fjord in a quiet hybrid boat and explore the arctic wildlife or you can join in on a RIB-boat tour at midnight and experience the magical midnight sun at open sea.

Just outside the center of Tromsø you will find the popular mountain gondola “Fjellheisen” that brings you up to the mountain top where you can enjoy panoramic views of the arctic city. When in Tromsø, you are also pretty close to Lofoten. If you want to explore these beautiful islands, the Lofoten Islands in a Nutshell™ tour is an ideal and effortless way to do so. Experience the beautiful landscape and idyllic villages on this self-guided tour. 

Culture & Food
In Tromsø, it is easy to combine nature and outdoor activities with culture, shopping and vibrant nightlife. The city is bustling with shops, restaurants, bars and cultural events. You can taste delicacies straight from the sea and enjoy local drinks from the many microbreweries in the city.