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Round trip to Finnøya & Ona Lighthouse

Join a trip to the beautiful Ona Lighthouse! The journey from Ålesund by ferry and bus takes you all the way to the small island community at the outermost coastline. Here you will get fantastic views of both the sea and the mainland and can enjoy a few hours in idyllic surroundings.

10h, 40min
Suitable for all

Ona is an idyllic and beautiful island community at the far end of the ocean. A trip out here is both a relaxing and idyllic experience!

Tour description

This trip from Ålesund starts by traveling on a high-speed ferry to Harøya. From here you travel by bus to Finnøya and on to Ona by ferry. Note that the ferry stops at Sandøya on the way to Ona, passengers are asked to stay on the ferry during the short stay at Sandøya.

Ona is Norway’s southernmost traditional fishing village and has a permanent population of approx. 25. The island also has a ceramics workshop and a small kiosk/shop. In the summer (typically June - August), there’s a café and possibilities for overnight stays.

On “Onakalven”, the island highest point, you find Ona lighthouse. From the lighthouse, you have a magnificent view of the ocean and the mainland. Ona is a tranquil place where you can thoroughly enjoy the peace and quiet!

The trip to Ona is as fantastic in the summer as in the winter. Remember, though, that the island is located out in the ocean and the weather conditions can be harsh. Therefore, it is important to bring warm and windproof clothes.

If you go there outside of the peak season in the summer, we recommend bringing some food and drinks as well, as the island’s shop has a limited offering.

Have a nice trip!