Photo: Øyvind Heen

The Romsdalsfjord

The Romsdalsfjord is the ninth-longest fjord in Norway with its 94 km. The fjord is surrounded by the majestic Romsdalsalpene mountains and the fjord area is perfect for day excursions.

The Romsdalsfjord is one of Norway's cleanest and most fish rich fjords. Here you will find several hosts who specialize in providing accommodation and activities in the fjord area. The Romsdalsfjord is also one of the most species rich fjords with a total of 68 species registered in the fjord area.

The main part of the fjord runs on the south side of Sekken in Molde municipality and all the way to Åndalsnes. The second part, the Langfjord extends to Eresfjord and Eidsvåg. This section also has two popular fjord arms for fishing - the Rødvenfjord and the Eresfjord.


  • The fjord is 94 km. long and 800 m. deep (at the deepest)
  • The innermost part of the fjord is the Isfjorden in Åndalsnes
  • Unlike many other fjords, Romsdalsfjord has several islands
  • Along the fjord there are examples of hanging valleys


Things to do in the Romsdalsfjord region