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Enjoy a sustainable tour in Lofoten

Are you thinking of visiting Lofoten this summer? Our Lofoten Islands in a nutshell™ tour is an incredible option for exploring the very best of what the Lofoten area has to offer, and on the tour you’ll only be using public transport. It’s a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way to travel, and you’ll get to see so much of this beautiful region of Norway. Keep reading to find out more about the stunning area of Lofoten!
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Where is Lofoten?

You’ll find the beautiful Lofoten islands in the county of Nordland, in the north of Norway. It sits north of the Arctic Circle, and Lofoten is actually one of the world’s most northern populated regions. From its position off the northwestern coast of Norway, Lofoten and the Lofoten islands are the perfect base for exploring this stunning area known for its unspoiled and lush nature.
Here, you’ll find crystal clear water, deep fjords, tall mountains, rich and diverse wildlife, incredible photography opportunities, as well as a wide range of fun and interesting activities and excursions. Check out our Lofoten guide to learn more about this beautiful, wild region and to plan your visit – which is sure to be a memorable one!
Lofoten on a beautiful autumn day - Lofoten, Norway
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How to get to Lofoten?

Though the Lofoten archipelago is situated in a rural area of Norway, it’s still fairly easy to get to. You can reach Lofoten by plane, train, boat, bus or car, depending on where you’re travelling from and how you prefer to travel. If you choose to take part in the exciting Lofoten Islands in a nutshell™ tour, your Lofoten adventure will start with a three hour boat ride from the lovely town of Bodø to Svolvær, which is the largest village in Lofoten. You can enjoy one or more days in Svolvær before heading off towards the charming fishing village of Reine.
The transportation for the entire tour is based on public transport, which makes this trip a much more sustainable way to explore the Lofoten area. The tour is fully customizable according to your needs, and you can make your trip as long or as short as you want
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What to do in Lofoten?

There is a lot for the excited traveler to do and see in the Lofoten area. Lofoten is known around the globe as one of the world's most stunning archipelagos, and the region is characterized by its dramatic and impressive natural surroundings. For those interested in an active holiday, Lofoten is the perfect place – here, you can enjoy hikes to some of Norway’s most well-known mountains as well as incredible biking trails, fishing opportunities, boat tours, sea safaris, surfing, hiking, wildlife photography and much more.
Because of the rich and diverse landscape in this area, a wide range of unforgettable nature experiences await you, no matter what you’re most interested in. Why not check out our helpful guide to some of the best activities and excursions in Lofoten to help you plan your visit? During your trip, you’ll likely encounter “rorbuer” – traditional little fishing huts which are often lined up in a row and painted in charming colors. Getting a great shot of these cute little fisherman’s huts is an important part of the visit for any hobby photographer, and if you’re interested, you can even rent out some of these rorbuer in the Lofoten area to stay in during your trip.

Preserving Lofoten’s stunning natural scenery

Lofoten is truly one of the most beautiful natural areas in Norway, and in recent years, there’s been a growing realization that we need to preserve these precious natural surroundings. There aren’t many inhabited regions left in the world where nature has been largely left untouched, but Lofoten is one of the areas where as little human intervention in the natural landscape as possible has taken place. That means that much of the nature you’ll find in the Lofoten area looks very similar to how it would have looked thousands of years ago, and it can really feel like an idyllic step back in time to a more natural world.
With this stunning natural area just waiting to be discovered, it’s no wonder that thousands of people travel to Lofoten every year in order to see the beauty and experience the incredible views. However, in order to ensure that this spectacular area stays as beautiful and untouched as possible, it’s important that we, as travelers try to minimize the impact on nature as much as possible. Lofoten is a certified Sustainable Destination, and the area is working hard to reduce the negative impact of tourism on the local environment. By taking part in a sustainable tour, you’ll be contributing to preserving this stunning natural area while also taking all the great sights in Lofoten.
Lofoten - Norway

The best things to do in Lofoten

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