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Lofoten: A certified sustainable destination

The beautiful archipelago of Lofoten is located in Norway’s Nordland county and is a certified Sustainable Destination. Resting within the Arctic Circle, Lofoten is full of dramatic scenery with tall mountains, sweeping beaches and unspoiled landscapes. Here’s how you can get the most out of your visit to this beautiful area while making sure you help preserve it for many more generations to come!
Moskenes - Lofoten Islands, Norway
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How to get around in Lofoten

If you want to explore the Lofoten Islands in a convenient way, the Lofoten Islands in a nutshell™ tour is a perfect way to do so. On this tour, you will experience the beautiful Arctic Landscape in a simple, comfortable, and easy way, without the need for your own car, and you can customize the trip according to your own wishes.
An increasingly popular transport option is the bicycle as it gives you all the flexibility you could ask for. The weather may be a bit of a stumbling block depending on the time of year you choose to visit, but many people like to explore the beautiful Loften islands on two wheels – especially if it’s combined with a camping trip. It’s quite easy to travel sustainably in Lofoten, especially on two wheels!
Eliassen Rorbuer

Where are the best places to stay in Lofoten?

No matter where you go in Lofoten, you’ll be surrounded by stunning scenery with access to the whole of the archipelago. Many visitors to the area prefer to take their accommodation completely into their own hands and go camping. While you can wild camp anywhere in Norway, it’s best to stick to designated campgrounds in Lofoten.
If you’re going to Svolvær, the Thon Hotel Lofoten is a perfect place to stay, idyllically situated by the harbor in Svolvær and having one of Norway's best breakfasts!
Reine, the tiny and picturesque fishing village, is one of the best places to stay as you explore the Lofoten Islands, and what better way will it be than spend the night in a "Rorbu" (fishing cabin).
Alternatively, there are plenty of beautiful hotels available but make sure to book your place in advance – it’s not unheard of for accommodation on the islands to be completely booked up in busy months!
Magical Northern Lights in Lofoten - Northern Lights Photo Tour in Reine - Activities in Lofoten, Reine
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Lofoten’s must-see sights

Right at the top of anyone’s list for things to do in Lofoten must be to see the northern lights. It’s one of the best places in the world to catch a glimpse of one of nature’s most iconic and spectacular displays. The people of Lofoten know how special their home is and are well set up to help you chase the lights and get the best views and photographs.
There is evidence that Lofoten has been inhabited since the Stone Age, so there’s a lot of history to explore on the islands. The main basis for the settlements has been fishing, so make sure you set some time aside to visit some of the traditional fishing buildings.
Nowhere captures the living history of Lofoten as well as the Viking Museum in Borg. Based around the world’s biggest longhouse, discovered in a farmer’s field in 1981, the museum showcases the archeological excavations alongside modern recreations of Viking life, which you are encouraged to try out for yourself!
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Activities you should try

Lofoten offers many activities and a particular favorite for many is hiking. Trails range from thrilling mountain passes to more casual strolls along the beach. There are plenty of guided walks you can try, with the most famous on the westernmost island of Moskenesøy. Fishing is also very popular in this area, so why not join a fishing trip?
Another popular activity in Lofoten that you may not have expected in the north of Norway, is surfing! Unstad Beach on the island of Vestvågøy is a favorite spot for cold water surfers. It’s well known in the surfing community as one of the best spots to catch a wave in Europe – although it’s not the best place for beginners.
If you’re keen to take to the water but you’re not sure if Arctic surfing is for you, why not try kayaking along the coast? Kayaking is a wonderful way to experience the Norwegian environment from a new angle and fully immerse yourself in what nature has to offer. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife as you paddle around as if you’re lucky you may spot sea lions or sea eagles! You could also try a water safari if you want to catch a glimpse of these species - you might even see a pod of orcas swimming by.
In Lofoten, you will find countless opportunities for magnificent experiences and wonderful recreation in beautiful nature.
On the top of the mountain - Lofoten, Norway
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A holiday to Lofoten is guaranteed to give you memories for a lifetime. As a relatively untouched natural space, it’s crucial that any visitor minimises their impact on this Scandinavian haven. Make sure you make your decisions with sustainability in mind so that this natural paradise can be preserved!

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The best things to do in Lofoten

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