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Maps of Norway

Norway has tall mountains, deep fjords, mysterious valleys and cosmopolitain cities. It might be difficult for visitors to get around, so we have collected some assets for maps and directions in Norway.
Terje Rakke/Nordic Life AS/Visitnorway.com
These days there are several great online resources you can use to orient yourself in Norway. A very popular and common map service used all over the world is Google Maps, but there are several other options for maps in Norway. We have collected a couple of useful links for sourcing out good maps of Norway.
Useful links:
  • Norgeskart.no: Offers and open and free map solution where you can zoom all the way in to municipality, hiking areas, houses and properties (Only in Norwegian)
  • The Norwegian Trekking Association: Topographic maps that show the details of terrain as well as trekking routes and lodging facilities
  • Michelin: The Michelin maps service for Norway
  • Google Maps: Well know map service used all over the world

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From quiet villages in stunning nature to pulsating cities and everything in between, Norway offers so much to experience. Explore your dream destination below.