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The best beaches in Norway

Norway has an abundance of white sandy beaches, clear water, and magnificent scenery. In this article, we’ll give you our top tips for some of the best beaches in Norway, along with some great resort options for your beach getaway!
Sunset on a beach in Jæren - Stavanger, Norway
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Ingierstrand beach

One of the best Oslo beaches in Norway, this family-friendly beach is perfect for both children and adults. There are plenty of restaurants and snack stands nearby, and Ingierstrand beach has several great amenities like free parking, a place to barbecue, and bathrooms.
This beach is a short drive from Oslo, where there are several hotels and other accommodations available for your stay – so if you’re looking for a day trip to the beach, this is a great option!
Kristin Folsland Olsen/www.nordnorge.com

Kvalvika beach

With stunning blue water and tall mountains, Kvalvika Beach is known for its breathtaking scenery. You’ll find this beautiful beach in the Lofoten Islands, located on the north side of Moskenesøy.
Kvalvika is accessible by hiking, with the shortest trail starting at Fredvang and lasting about one hour. Because this Norwegian beach is only accessible on foot, camping is the best way to stay at Kvalvika beach.
Tord Baklund


Paradisbukta is located near Oslo​ on the Bygdøy peninsula. This lovely beach is visited by locals all year round and draws big crowds during the summer months.
In Norwegian, “Paradisbukta” means “Paradise Bay”. This Oslo beach is known for calm waters, beautiful sunsets, and fun beach sports. Because Paradisbukta is located near rock formations and a dense forest, this is a great place to hike – so it’s a great option if you’d like to combine a beach getaway with some hiking.
If you want to experience islands and beaches around Oslo, check out the Island Hopping tour in Oslo!
Surfing on Solastranden - Go Viking with Fjord Tours , Stavanger, Norway
Martin Håndlykken

Sola beach

Sola beach in Norway is located only two kilometers from Stavanger Airport, making this beach easily accessible by car. This famous beach is best-known for its many wind and water sports. With gold sand and countless dunes, Sola beach is spacious and beautiful. Because this beach is so large at around 2 kilometers, there’s enough room for everyone – even during the peak swimming season.
Sola Strand Hotel offers excellent accommodations for your Sola beach getaway. This hotel is located on the beach, offering two restaurants, a spa, and beautiful accommodations, making this one of the top beach resorts in Norway.

Mjelle beach

Clear, turquoise waters and colorful sand make Mjelle in Bodø one of the most stunning Norway beaches. Mjelle beach’s sand has tiny gemstones and minerals, giving the shore red, white, and sometimes purple hues.
The beach is a quick drive from Bodø and a 30-minute walk from the parking area. Because this beach is free of rocks and shells, this is an excellent place to bring young children.
Less than an hour's drive away is Kjerringøy Bryggehotell, which is a great place to stay while visiting the area. If you’re looking for a Norway beach house, this resort is an excellent option. They have private cabins and hotel rooms, all located next to the water.
Baard Loeken/www.nordnorge.com

Haukland beach

Haukland beach is located in the Lofoten Islands. With pristine sand and sparkling blue water, this beach is one of the most scenic beaches in Norway. Abounding in hiking trails, kayaking, and paddleboarding, this is the beach for adventure-lovers. While this beach is really popular in the summer, the mountains make it exceptionally breathtaking in the winter months. Just be sure to bundle up!
The closest hotel to Haukland Beach is the Scandic Leknes Lofoten Hotel, located in the center of Leknes, about a 15-minute drive by car. Lofoten is a spectacularly beautiful place with many unforgettable activities and experiences to offer – maybe you’d even want to head out on a fishing trip from Svolvær?
Kristin Folsland Olsen/www.nordnorge.com

Unstad beach

With gold sand, large rock formations, and majestic mountains, this is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Lofoten Islands. Unstad Beach has large waves caused by strong winds, making this one of the best places to surf in Norway – so surfers come from near and far to experience this beach! Unstad beach is a quick walk from the parking area, so you don’t have to worry about hiking with your surfboard.
For accommodations at Unstad, you can check out Unstad Surf Resort. This Norway beach resort offers rental apartments, cabins, and houses – plenty of options for your stay in Lofoten.
Whether you’re looking for a surfing adventure, a relaxing Norway beach house vacation, or a scenic hike overlooking the water, Norway beaches have something for everyone. Whether you go during the sunny months or snowy season, you’re sure to be enchanted by the unspoiled nature and stunned by the magnificent scenery of Norway!

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