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One of Norway’s best-kept secrets, Narvik, has come to the forefront as a premier holiday destination in Norway. With plenty to attract visitors due to its stunning natural scenery and rich history, Narvik is both a trove of ecological wonder and a fascinating the site for nature experiences.
Narvik cabel car - Narvik, Norway

Where is Narvik?

Located well above the Arctic circle in Northern Norway, Narvik is approximately 1,555 kilometres from Oslo and 897 kilometres from Trondheim. This quiet, unassuming city is a perfect day-trip option from Tromsø, as the route can be driven in about 1,5 hours. Due to its latitude, Narvik is a fantastic location for those chasing the Northern Lights on their trip to Norway.
Narvik Skiresort - Narvik, Norway
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What is there to do in Narvik?

Narvik’s environment means that it’s the perfect location for anyone wanting to become one with nature. Wedged between fjords and mountains, the high latitude and incredible natural environment mean that this quiet city is a great way to embrace Norwegian history, culture and enjoy some physical activity while you’re at it!
For skiing aficionados, Narvik is the place to be during the winter. With one of the largest drop heights in Scandinavia and magnificent year-round conditions, Narvik has some of the best alpine skiing in Europe.
If you want to take in the incredible natural surroundings, try your hand at mountain climbing. Rising above sea level, Verdenssvaet provides jaw-dropping views over the region, from the fjords to the plains, and is perfect for a family-friendly expedition. For those who would like a challenge, climb to the peak of Mount Stetinden – voted as Norway’s National Mountain in 2019!
Other popular activities for nature lovers in Narvik include cycling, dog-sledding, and bird-watching – Norway has incredibly diverse birdlife, with eagles, owls, and other birds of prey amongst those endemic to Scandinavia, so there’s plenty to discover.
Hiking in Narvik - Norway
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The Sami people indigenous to this region of Norway are famed for their way with animals, particularly with reindeer. See firsthand the results of their expertise at Polar Park, the world’s northernmost zoo – this impressive outdoor reserve cares for hundreds of native species and arctic animals, like wolves, lynx, and arctic fox, and welcomes visitors all year round.
Of course, it wouldn’t be a trip to Norway without an attempt to chase the Northern lights! Narvik’s high latitude means that it is among the best places to see this beautiful sky show. The best time to visit the Aurora Borealis is between the autumn and spring equinox (mid-September to mid-March), so plan your journey accordingly.
Northern lights in Narvik - Norway
Jan - Arne Pettersen

How to get to Narvik

There are four ways to get to Narvik: by car, plane, train or ferry. If you’re traveling by car, be prepared for a long journey: the nearest major Norwegian city is Tromsø, 256 kilometres of Narvik. If you’re travelling from Oslo or Trondheim, most travelers will want to split the trip up and stop over somewhere in order to take in the beautiful natural scenery.
The nearest airport to Narvik is Evenes, just under 31 kilometres away. There are limited options for car hire in Narvik, so your best option is to call ahead and see what’s available during your stay if you’d like to rent a car.
Narvik’s location along the fjords means that ferry and cruise services often stop at nearby towns and cities. If you want to enjoy the scenic beauty of the fjords, consider taking a ferry from Bergen to Trondheim, then catching a bus to Narvik. You could also take a cruise service that lists Narvik as one of its stops for a brief appreciation of this charming Norwegian city.
You can also travel to Narvik by train and the Ofoten railway line. This is a beautiful train journey and you can book an overnight sleeper train from Oslo. During the trip you can take in the magnificent sights of fresh flora and stunning fjords.
Ofot Railway Line - Narvik, Norway
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