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Why Your First Trip After Retiring Should Be Norway

Welcome to life after retirement! It’s full of amazing opportunities to explore. So now that you are officially retired, you can practice balancing relaxation with adventure by taking a trip. Where should you go first?
Several older adults agree that there’s simply no better place than Norway to stretch newly-retired wings. Traveling in Norway is accessible for everyone, whether you’re fit and spry or need a bit of assistance getting around. For instance, the Nordics are full of easy hikes that can refill your health meter to the brim. Elderly people and retirees can enjoy electric bike adventures or a Segway tour. By making Norway your first destination after retiring you’ll discover beautiful sights, kind people, and delectable flavors that will stay with you.
Here are some of the most accessible touring options for older adults in Norway.
Things to do in Geiranger - E-bike hire in Geiranger, On the way up to the viewpoint over the Geirangerfjord, Norway
Geiranger Fjordservice

Biking in Geiranger

With views of the mountains, this electric bike assisted adventure is perfect for retirees. You receive a bike with a fully-charged battery that offers multiple levels of power assistance. Push yourself hard or use the ‘assist’ setting to make the slight uphill easy. 
Mt. Dalsnibba features fjords, lakes, and incredible views across hills and valleys. The mountaintops are often covered with snow and the air quality is pure. In fact, the Geirangerfjord area is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Older lungs will revel in the presence of nature and clean energy of the mountain trails. Once you and your bike reach the top of the paved trail, there are bathrooms and a petite souvenir store for your convenience.
When it comes to accessible travel, you may not immediately think of bicycle trips. But a pensioner will be delighted to discover this alternative to typical high-cardio and long endurance outdoor adventures.
Lysefjorden seen from above - Lysefjorden and Preikestolen Fjordcruise - Stavanger, Norway
Morten Sivertsen

Lysefjord and Pulpit Rock cruise

The area of Stavanger offers sights and sounds that could engage you for hours on end.
One of the most famous landmarks in Stavanger is Pulpit Rock. The Pulpit Rock is an incredible and dramatic mountain plateau that rises above the Lysefjord. Join in on a Lyserfjord and Pulpit Rock cruise and feast your eyes on the majestic Pulpit Rock soaring into the sky above incredible Lysefjord as you travel in silence on a fully-electric fjord cruise! As the boat stops in the Lysefjord you can tilt your head back and see the majestic mountain plateau rise 604 meters above you, a truly amazing sight to behold!
You can enjoy all this striking scenery from the comfort of the boat's sheltered cabin, through panoramic windows, or venture out on the spacious sundeck.

Hike on the Romsdalseggen

Rocky cliffs and legends of ancient troll will greet you on a hike on the Romsdalseggen. Here, you can gain incredible views with a fairly modest elevation climb. This is a great example of a highly accessible hike that doesn’t forgo any of the benefits on bigger hikes.
The hike is easily accessible from Åndalsnes, the beautiful town by the Romsdalsfjord. Surrounded by the wild Romsdalsfjella and the view towards the Romsdalsfjord, this will be a hiking experience in quite spectacular surroundings. 
On the hike up to the Romsdalseggen, you will pass unique sites such as the famous "Trollveggen", the Isterdal valley with the Bispen Lake, the "King" and "Queen", and the ocean from Åndalsnes towards Molde. You will see the Isfjorden with the "Churchroof" as the most famous peak. The trip is secured by chain on all exposed parties, and with the guides you get a safe hike over the Romsdalseggen with spectacular views in all directions.
Activities in Tromsø - Aurora Safari Camp in Tromsø - Norway
Wiiwii Tromsø Safari

Treasure the View in Tromso

In the Arctic Circle, far in the north of Norway, the city of Tromso has a lot to offer retirees. Not only is it a certified sustainable destination but the city is hopping with nightlife. So whether you’re into midnight gazing or midnight raving, Tromso has it all.
Many pensioners choose to visit Tromso to view the Northern Lights. With plenty of high-up viewing points, you can enjoy sweeping views of the aurora as well as the cityscape. Hike up the Sherpa staircase if you want to sweat for your view. If you’re interested in the history of Polar exploration, then you’ll want to visit the Polar Museum. Tromso was the jumping-off point for many famous Arctic adventurers, and you can learn about them all at the museum. For an insight into some arctic animals, check out Polaria, the world’s northernmost aquarium, and educational center.
If concerts and fine dining are a priority, then Tromso’s stunning Arctic Catherdral should be on your list. The venue hosts concerts in all seasons, and you’ll get to enjoy music to the backdrop of the midnight sun in the summer or the aurora in the winter. Visit one of Tromso’s top restaurants that highlights local ingredients, harvested straight from the seas and summits of the Arctic Circle. 
Finish your time in Tromso with a silent whale watching cruise if you want to enjoy the majesty of Scandinavian water and wildlife without overexerting yourself. Just remember to bring your camera, because you’ll be experiencing once in a lifetime views.
Any of these Norwegian adventures are suitable for retirees who want to keep adventuring. Also note that we offer loads more adventures all over the country, have a look here. So pack your walking bags and cameras and get ready for an unforgettable Scandi adventure!

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