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Lofthus is often referred to as the “Orchard of Hardanger“, and is idyllically situated by the beautiful Sørfjorden, a prolounge of Hardagerfjorden. Lofthus is the ideal base if one wishes to learn more about Norwegian cider production, taste the delicious Hardanger Cider or take a wonderful mountain and hiking trip.
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Historic Hotel Ullensvang - Lofthus, Hardangerfjorden
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The village Lofthus has for centuries been the centre of fruit production and is one of the largest fruit villages in Norway. Lofthus has also a large production of cherries and each year the Norwegian Championship of cherry stone spitting is arranged during the Cherry Festival.
You may join several of the happenings where fruit production and cider is the main attraction.
Orchard walks, visits to the local cider producer or a cider cruise on Hardangerfjorden are just some of the many experiences that`s offered to cider-interested visitors.
Lofthus - Hardanger - Norway
Lofthus Hardanger Fjord Norge, Robin Strand
If a special overnight stay is desired, we reccomend a visit at the old and honourable Hotel Ullensvang. In the hotel garden one may visit the old composer hut that belonged to Edvard Grieg.
The surroundings in Hardanger was of great inspiration to Grieg, and if you make a vist yourself it is easy to understand why.
Lofthus is an ideal point of departure for magnificent hikes and experiences in the nature. The Troll`s Tongue or Trolltunga is known to many, and the starting point is just about 30 min. by car from the fruit village. On the contrary the Dronningstien hike can be started and/or ended in Lofthus, and it takes you up 1100 metres in the mountains between Kinsarvik and Lofthus.

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