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Why boat tours are the best way to explore Norway

There are a ton of fantastic things to do and see in Norway. From summer skiing to glacier hiking, all of it can be done at many different locations throughout the country. This is exactly what makes it such a sought-after destination for millions of tourists from all around the world.
Norway in a nutshell® - Nærøyfjord
Katrin Moe
Besides trying to decide what to do in Norway, you also have to figure out how you are going to travel through the country. There are so many options even when just trying to make this choice that it can often overwhelm people.
For example, depending on what parts of Norway you visit, there may be an exquisite scenic train route that has rave recommendations and is very appealing to you. On the other hand, other parts of Norway may offer very popular fjord cruises and fjord safaris.
Deciding which one to choose can be a tough thing to do. However, there are many reasons why some people prefer fjord safaris in Norway over the scenic railway routes in Norway. Here are the various reasons why boat tours are the best way to explore Norway.
RIB boat trip with Viking dinner - on the fjord - Activities in Flåm, Norway
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Varying Levels of Amenities

In many other forms of travel, there are not many options as to what type you can get. For example, when it comes to driving, the kinds of buses that you can get a seat on are all relatively similar in the features that they offer. Even if you choose to drive a rental vehicle, they all have relatively similar qualities as well.
However, the same cannot be said for boat tours. When choosing to do a fjord cruise through Norway, there are a few different types of boats that you can choose to be on. In order to get the most exciting and intensive experience possible, then the best choice is likely a RIB-boat.
Sailing past Bryggen in Bergen - Sailboat cruise in Bergen - Norway
Trude Sletteland
However, if you want to be more immersed in the historical beauty of the environment, then you may want to choose a sailboat. This method is also able to help slow down the speed of the tour and let you admire things for much longer.
There are also some tourists who prefer their amenities over everything else, in which case they would be best choosing an electric catamaran or other similar modern watercraft. So no matter what type of tourist you are, you can be confident that there is a type of fjord cruise that is able to deliver exactly what you want.
Electric fjord cruise on the Nærøyfjord - Go Viking with Fjord Tours , Flåm , Norway
Sverre Hjørnevik

Norway's Greatest Destinations Are Near Water

The reason why boat tours are not necessarily as successful in other countries is that their most popular destinations happened to be landlocked. Therefore, tourists who are traveling via boat will not be able to get a good view or experience some of the best locations.
However, when it comes to Norway, traveling by water is one of the most convenient methods of seeing some of the best destinations in the entire country. Luckily, Norway has the perfect conditions for water travel, with many of its popular tourist destinations being either right on the water or a short distance from water.
For example, right on the western coast of Norway lies the city of Bergen, where tourists have the opportunity to walk on some of the best hiking trails in the world and enjoy gorgeous panoramic views of the city.
Further southeast on the coastline is the beloved destination of Pulpit Rock. The 604 meter tall cliff offers truly outstanding views of the far-reaching exotic landscape. Being located just off of Lysefjord means that accessing it as part of a boat tour and being able to do the Pulpit Rock hike is incredibly easy. Tourists are rewarded at the top with the opportunity to take stunning panoramic photos.
Further inland, there are still plenty of opportunities to travel by water and experience amazing destinations. For example, the two southern branches of Sognefjord, named Nærøyfjord and Aurlandsfjord, contain popular places at the end of them, which are easily reached by boat.
Flåm is located at the end of Aurlandsfjord and offers people gorgeous views of waterfalls and valleys. The village of Gudvangen is located at the end of Nærøyfjord and has been a regular spot for tourists to visit for over 100 years.
A quiet fjord cruise on the Geirangerfjord - Geiranger , Norway
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Of course, these are only a few of the reasons why boat tours are so great. Note that most of the popular combination tours from Fjord Tours includes a fjord cruise. If you do not want to go on a complete tour, but simply experience a fjord cruise in Norway, check out all fjord cruises and fjord safaris here.