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Cycling tours across Norway

As bikes become a more popular method of transportation again due to social distancing, we take a look at both the leisurely family and more adventurous cycling tours available across Norway.
Biking trip from Finse - Rallarvegen, Norway
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Mountain hikes are great, but hopping on to two wheels can really open up an area allowing you to cover much more ground in the same amount of time. Norway is one of many countries to promote national cycling routes. These are routes known for both cultural significance and natural beauty and now with the increasing popularity of e-bikes, they are becoming even more accessible.


Rallarvegen is one of Norway’s most popular cycle trips with locals, and not without good reason. The "navvies road" was originally a transportation road used during the construction of the Bergen Railway and Flåm Railway lines. Although 614 kilometers long overall, most people choose to start from Finse with the 82km stretch between Haugastøl and Flåm being the most popular stretch of the route.
Vatnahalsen Høyfjellshotell

The Telemark Canal

The Telemark Canal is regarded as one of the most beautiful waterways in the world and makes for an incredibly scenic bike route. Painstakingly carved into the rock and finished in 1892, it was then called the "eighth wonder" of the world.
The canal connects interior towns such as Skien and Dalen with the coast of Telemark. It consists of 8 locks and is 105 km long. A popular start point is to take the Krossobanen, Europe's first cable car, from Rjukan up to Gvepseborg at an altitude of 886 meters and cycle to Kalhovd. Here you can choose to explore the local area on foot or free-wheel all the way back down to Rjukan.
Silja Lena Løken, Statens Vegvesen

The realm of Peer Gynt and the Gudbrandsdalen valley

Named after a fictional hero traveler, the Peer Gynt Trail is a 60-kilometer-long tourist mountain road. It runs in the east of Norway offering views of Jotunheimen and takes you through villages such as Skeikampen, Fagerhøy, and Dalseter. Another option in the area is the beautiful route between Vinstra and Gol. It is signposted in both directions and passes through an area of ​​summer mountain farms and lodges to stop for refreshment.
Cycle through the three national parks when you follow the lesser-known Tour de Dovre. The journey takes you through Dovre, Folldalen, and Grimsdalen with a number of accommodation options along the way.
The shortest trip is about 125 kilometers long, but plan for a few detours if you have a couple of days extra! You can go on a musk ox or moose safari, stop to admire the art at Hjerkinn, divert up to the Viewpoint Snøhetta (1.5 kilometers to walk), and hike to the top of Mount Snøhetta.
The trip is considered demanding but is totally manageable if you divide it into shorter stages.


This is a longer cycling adventure Sognefjellsveien is a 294-kilometer long tour that you can start in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Røros. Known for its disused silver mines and old wooden buildings, the area is one of Norway’s leading regions for locally produced food and a site worth visiting in itself. See everything from the mountains of Trøndelag to the west country fjords and everything in between.
Things to do in Geiranger - E-bike hire in Geiranger, On the way up to the viewpoint over the Geirangerfjord, Norway
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Electric Bike Tours

If you are not so keen on working up a huge sweat, an electric bike tour might be just the solution for you! On an electric bike tour, you can be rewarded with stunning views, but without having to tackle tough uphill stretches. You can book an electric cycling tour in Geiranger!

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