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What Are the Benefits of Bird Watching?

Every year, millions of people trek through the great outdoors to bird watch. Bird watching is growing more and more popular in Norway due to the staggering amount of natural splendor the country has to offer. Lucky for avid bird watchers, an abundance of natural splendor equals thriving wildlife.
Kristin Stoylen
Although Norway is widely known for its impressive marine wildlife—like the majestic whales often visible offshore—the wildlife that graces Norwegian skies is nothing to scoff at.
Having such a large portion of locals and visitors who engage in bird watching is beneficial not only to the country but also to the people who do it. Here are the many great benefits to bird watching.
Runde Fugleøy - Rundtur fra Ålesund
Kristin Støylen/Destinasjon Ålesund & Sunnmøre

Gets You Outdoors

In order to see a bird in real life, it requires you to step outside of your home and walk among nature. This is something that everyone should be doing as much as possible, since spending time in the sunshine has been shown to have a positive impact on a person’s mental and physical wellbeing. It is also a good way to pull children away from their electronic devices and get them to spend more time outdoors as well.

Teaches Patience

Some activities are very fast paced and do not require a lot of waiting, like summer skiing or kayaking in Norway. However, bird watching is definitely not one of these activities. Instead, it is something that often requires several minutes, or even hours, of waiting in order to finally get rewarded by seeing the type of bird that you are trying to spot. So if you know someone that struggles with patience, then getting them into bird watching can be a great way to teach them the value of waiting for something that is important to you.
Cole Rise

It Is Calming

There is definitely no lack of peaceful things to do in Norway, and bird watching is perhaps the most peaceful of them all. Not only does it require everyone in attendance to be quiet, but it also requires almost no physical effort whatsoever and is very slow paced. This all combines to create a scenario that has a very calming effect on anyone who does it. Whether you want to think about other areas of your life or simply shut off your mind for a bit, the peacefulness of bird watching can be the perfect opportunity to do so.

Often Requires Traveling

Not many hobbies provide the same justification for traveling as bird watching does. For example, hiking and fishing are things that can be done almost anywhere, so trying to take a trip somewhere exotic in order to strictly do those things is not going to make much sense.
However, with bird watching, you are always going to be limited by the types of birds that are nearby where you live. Therefore, once you have seen all of the different kinds that are native to your country, you then need to venture beyond the border in order to see the thousands of other kinds of birds that are in the world. This can be the perfect justification for traveling overseas and taking a trip to Norway.
Merci Dagli

Provides Exercise

While bird watching is not often a very physically intensive activity, that does not mean that it is never a physically intensive activity. Sometimes, it will require you to go hiking for several kilometers in order to reach the areas where some types of birds are found. In Norway, it is even common for these hikes to involve climbing up the sides of mountains in the various fjords. So having bird watching as the motivation to get out and get moving can do a lot to help improve your cardiovascular health.

Community-Based Activity

Anyone who has ever participated in bird watching before knows that it is an activity that has a very strong community built around it. Not only are frequent bird watchers likely to run into other bird watchers, but they are often more than willing to talk to them about the types of birds that they have seen and share tips on seeing other types like the Eurasian Dotterel, which is commonly found in Norway and northern Europe.
The benefits of bird watching are not something that can be overstated, which is why everyone should embrace the opportunity to go bird watching in Norway. Book your round trip in Norway and get in your fair share of bird watching!

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