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Waterfall and culture tour in Flåm

High above the Nærøyfjord - Flåm, Norway
Brekkefossen - Waterfall and culture tour in Flåm, Norway
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Travel green from Flåm and experience great waterfalls and local culture in UNESCO landscape!

  • Experience Otternes Bygdetun, Vangen Church, Aurland Shoe factory, Rjoandefossen waterfall, Flåm Church and Brekkefossen waterfall on this auido guided sightseeing sightseeing tour
  • When you choose to experience these popular tourist attractions in an electric vehicle, you are part of developing a greener form of tourism that has no impact on the landscape!
Starting point
2 hr 5 min
1 March - 30 September

Tour description

The tour starts close to the railway station in Flåm and we drive out the beautiful bay towards the area’s municipal center, Aurland. On the way out the fjord, we will stop at Otternes bygdetun for 15 minutes, where you can walk around in a cluster of 18th-century farm houses. Local history believes that people have lived here since 300 A.d. You will also have a beautiful view over Flåm, and out the fjord.
After the stop at Otternes, we continue our tour to the fjord village Aurland. Here we will stop for 35 minutes. You decide yourself whether you want to visit the old stone church Vangen Church, visit the Aurland shoe factory, or both.
Vangen Church is an old stone church where local history tells that the first stone was laid in 1202. Aurland shoe factory claims that the founder Nils Tverranger made the world's first Penny loafer in 1926. In the shoe factory, it is possible to study its history on boards and pictures, or download an app (additionally NOK 90), where you can listen to a audio guide in various languages. Beware that the shoe factory and the factory outlet is closed on Sundays.
After the visit in the shoe factory we return to Flåm. At Rjoandefossen waterfall, 4 kilometers up in Flåm valley, we make a 10-minute stop. Breathe in the fresh air, and take pictures of the beautiful waterfall where the largest drop has a free fall of 140 meters.
We continue down to Flåm church, a wooden church from 1667. It is located 1 kilometer further down, in a place in the Flåm valley that the locals call Flåm. Here the tour takes a 10-minute break so that travelers can take a quick look inside.
The last stop on the tour will be at Brekkefossen waterfall. The waterfall is a popular destination for the visitors of Flåm. It is not far from the center, only approximately one kilometer up in the valley. Sherpas from Nepal have made the stone stairs that takes you from where the track starts by the river, and up to the waterfall (the first 100 meters is a gravel path).
You decide yourself if you want to end the journey here, and the walk stone steps up to Brekkefossen waterfall, or skip the walk up to the waterfall, and join the bus back to the bus stop. Be aware that if you choose to walk up to the waterfall, you have to walk 1kilometer back down to Flåm center.
Enjoy the tour!

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