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Fjord Tours Articles / 30 Sep 2020

Best Activities for Mountain Lovers in Norway

No matter what experience you may or may not have, there are loads of stunning mountain trails waiting for you in Norway. Reach some amazing and unique summits, and get your exercise while enjoying the stunning landscape.

Norway boasts some of the most beautiful mountain passes in the world, from Trollstigen to Kjerag. You may also be lucky to benefit from the national park protections and get glimpses of rare species and wildlife if your timing is right.

Here are some of Norway’s best activities for mountain lovers!

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Preikestolen - The Pulpit Rock

Arguably one of the most famous hikes in Norway, a trip to Preikestolen is almost a must-do for hiking enthusiasts visiting Norway. The Preikestolen, or Pulpit Rock, is a massive cliff towering 604 meters above the beautiful Lysefjord. Standing on top of the Preikestolen with its amazing view and the dizzying height is a truly awe-inspiring experience.

There are several different hikes to Preikestolen available in Norway, all year round. On our Hike the Icons tour to Preikestolen transport from Oslo, Bergen, or Stavanger is included, while most other hikes have their starting point in Stavanger. Check out a few of our different options here:

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Trolltunga i Odda_Sveinung
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Trolltunga - The Trolls Tongue

Another favorite among Norwegians and visitors alike is a hiking trip to the famous Trolltunga. Standing on top of the Trolltunga is an exhilarating experience that you will never forget. The hike to Trolltunga is quite tough and we have to stress the importance of being well prepared for these hikes both physically and by bringing the right equipment and supplies.

Embarking on a Trolltunga Hike is not the most easily accessible experience, so we have made it easy for you by packaging a Hike the Icons tour from either Bergen, Stavanger, or Oslo. On this tour, a guide will follow you and assure that safety is always a priority.

If you can get about in Norway on your own, and do not need transport to the starting point, there are several different hikes you can do from the starting point in Skjeggedal. The different hikes include different things like Via Ferrata climbing, snowshoeing or mountain biking.

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The Kjerag Boulder

With a giant boulder wedged into a crevice, it doesn’t get much more impressive than Kjerag. The hike provides a good challenge and takes many hours to complete, but the rewards are absolutely worth it. If you can keep your footing all the way to the summit, you’ll enjoy views of the surrounding landscape. Hike during the off-season and you’ll have it all to yourself.

Canyoning aficionados may wish to bring some of their own equipment, although many items can be rented from local tour companies. Anyone embarking on a Kjerag adventure should pack plenty of supplies, including suitable footwear, food, water, first-aid equipment, and a light source.

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For dramatic waterfalls and historic heritage, mountain lovers should head to Trollstigen. Trollstigen, or the Trolls Ladder, is actually also easily accessible by car and the terrain is fairly challenging with rocky pathways and zigzagging bends. Recent improvements have made this area much more accessible.

This route was used by traders for many centuries, who crossed the mountains to do business. It used to be much more dangerous but it’s now well-maintained. Stone steps help make it easier to get your footing and it’s safe to walk near the river without fear of tripping and falling into the water. Trollstigen is quite a popular route nowadays, so it’s not a good choice for people who want solitary experiences in nature. But you will find incredible views with incomparable historic value at Trollstigen, and it’s definitely worth a visit.

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One of the most demanding hikes in this list, the journey over the Romsdalseggen is unforgettable. It will challenge your stamina and reward you with rugged views over the mountains and lakes below. Though difficult, the path is well-marked and it should be easy to stick to the markers. It’s located near a national park, the Reinheimen National Park, and other recognizable peaks in the vicinity.

The mountainous hike begins with a good climb far above sea level. You’ll get breaks with occasional plateaus but be mindful of ridges that drop down into the valley below. With unique terrain made up of stone shards and rocky cliffs, Romsdalseggen is a fantastic choice for adventurous climbers who want to challenge themselves with a full day hiking experience.

Before you go on any hilly adventure, make sure you follow classic guidelines for staying safe on the mountain. Let people know where you are going and prepare for the unexpected.

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Grettestølen Tunet Juli
Photo: Wild Voss

Grettestølen Mountain Farm

Perhaps you are craving a more "cultural" hiking experience? Visit the Grettestoelen mountain region and you’ll get to learn about the local mountain farming traditions. This is family-friendly hiking at its best. Explore a few of the currently operating farms and witness the remains of ancient settlements that no longer exist. You might get a peek at old paths and wobbly stone fences that herald back thousands of years.

The two-hour hike takes you past the river, mountains, and a grand view of Voss. For a short hike with a diversity of wildlife and biomes, you really can’t beat Grettestoelen. Gaze at the river gorge and marvel at the mountain peaks, and finish off your hike with a simple lunch in a log cabin.

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