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Fjord Tours Articles / 16 Jul 2019

Your Guide to Solo Travel in Norway

Norway is a country with so many stunning sights to see, and if you’re traveling solo you have the pleasure of being able to decide for yourself how to spend your time. As a remarkably safe country, Norway is the perfect place to enjoy solo travel no matter what type of holiday you’re planning

Meet the locals

If you’re on your own, you might like to spend some time in the company of Norwegians, and you’ll normally find them very welcoming to all. Norwegians are famed for being tolerant with a dry sense of humor that’s generally subtle and laidback.

Unlike some other European countries, Norwegians can be a little reserved and they’re not big fans of small talk, as a general rule. However, they have a strong sense of community and once you break the ice, so to speak, you’ll soon make a friend for life.

The cities you go to will play a large part in who you meet. Oslo is renowned for being particularly cosmopolitan, Bergen on the West coast is picturesque to a fault while Tromsø in the north is full of hospitality with more sociable folk.


Off the beaten track

Norway is a nation of extreme so if you’re keen to get off the beaten track you’ll have no shortage of choice.

Hardangerfjord in a Nutshell™ is an addition to the original Norway in a Nutshell® trip, and offers a thrilling tour of the west. One of the largest fjords in the region, this tour includes a boat trip, sightseeing at waterfalls and a visit to a nature centre. This is a perfect alternative for the summer season if your goal is to see mountains and fjords away from the crowds.

If the serenity of Hardangerfjord appeals, another trip which is almost certain to give you lifetime memories, is in Tromsø, with an excursion to see the Midnight Sun. Only accessible between May and early August, it’s the opportunity to experience the ethereal sight of the sun glowing in the sky in the middle of the night.

This is an adventure that is perfect for a solo traveler, contemplating the grandness of nature under the midnight sun, or making new friends in the endless northern summer night-day! Traveling in small boats with a maximum of 12 people, you will weave your way through the waters to visit tiny villages and spectacular waterfalls en route.

Popular activities

You don’t need to veer off the beaten track to find beauty in Norway. The original Norway in a Nutshell® tour offers a customizable experience which is available all year round. Booking well in advance will let you pick dates that suit you.

Bergen, Oslo, Flåm and Voss are all included in the itinerary but it’s up to you how you configure it. Choose day tours or overnight trips, and take part in a variety of activities along the way. With hiking, kayaking and fjord safaris, you get to choose how you want to spend your time.

If you’re mesmerized by the clear, cold waters of the fjords, a water safari is an ideal tour to take. Join a fjord cruise in Oslo and you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in the stunning surroundings. From beautiful bays to sheltered islands, slicing through narrow sounds, a fjord tour is an intimate yet popular glimpse into the Norwegian landscape.

Simple travel arrangements

Traveling around Norway is simple with ample trains and ferries serving the regions. In the north, there are planes to get you to the further flung regions. The scenic, and most eco-friendly alternative, is to take the «Hurtigruten» coastal line that can take you from Bergen to the very northern tip of the country, Kirkenes.

With so many tours ideally suited to the solo traveler, there has never been a better time to strike out on your own and experience Norway first-hand.



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