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Fjord Tours Facts / 26 Mar 2019

Maps of Norway

Assets for maps and directions in Norway.

These days there are several great online resources you can use to orient yourself in Norway. A very popular and common map service used all over the world is Google Maps, but there are several other options for maps in Norway. We have collected a couple of useful links for sourcing out good maps of Norway.

Useful links:

  • Offers and open and free map solution where you can zoom all the way in to municipality, hiking areas, houses and properties (Only in Norwegian)
  • The Norwegian Trekking Association: Topographic maps that show the details of terrain as well as trekking routes and lodging facilities
  • Lonely Planet: Lonely Planet's map viewer of Norway
  • Michelin: The Michelin maps service for Norway 
  • Google Maps: Well know map service used all over the world