Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik


Stryn is a beautiful village at the heart of Nordfjorden. This area is known for its mighty glaciers, majestic mountains, lush valleys and deep lakes.

Stryn and the surrounding area is a mecca for outdoor activities. In this area nature's contrasts are evident; the mountains and valleys have been formed by the ice for thousands of years and the lush valleys and mountains are both beautiful and steep.

In the Middle Ages, Stryn was written "Strjon" el. Strion. This probably means "strømmende" (English: flowing), with reference to the Stryn river which runs through the village. Since the 1860s, tourists have come to Stryn and the locals have long traditions of welcoming visitors.

The Linden leaves in the municipal crest of Stryn, is inspired by the largest linden tree forest in Europe which is located in Flostranda in Stryn.

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