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Seafood Platter in Bergen

Enjoy local and fantastic seafood in beautiful surroundings in the middle of Bergen city center! The Restaurant is open between 11:00 and 21:00

13 hours
Suitable for all
01.MAI - 31.OCT

Summertime in Bergen is something quite special. The fish market is bustling with life and fresh fish is brought in for serving every day. In these nice surroundings, you can sit down, have a break, and take in the view of Bryggen, Rosenkrantztårnet, Håkonshallen, and Byfjorden. All whilst enjoying a delicious seafood platter.

The seafood platter

The bountiful seafood platter consists of North Atlantic fish and seafood including snow crab, crab claws, fresh shrimp, and crayfish, as well as salad, bread, and tarragon dip. A children's menu consists of the always popular Fish n' Chips. 

Something to drink?

It's possible to buy something to drink to accompany for the food. We recommend trying a local variety of either beer or cider. Of course, there is also a rich selection of good wines from far and wide, as well as sparkling or Champagne if you prefer.

Welcome to a fantastic seafood dining experience in Bergen!

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