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Shellfish tower at Cornelius seafood restaurant

Things to do in Bergen - Shellfish tower at Cornelius on Holmen - shellfish buffet - Bergen, Norway
Things to do in Bergen- Fjord cruise and shellfish tower, wine with food - Cornelius Seafood Restaurant Bergen, Norway
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A fantastic meal in beautiful surroundings!

  • Just outside the City of Bergen, you will find one of the most exotic attractions in the whole of Western Norway’s archipelago
  • Cornelius is one of Norway’s best seafood restaurants and a meal here is truly unforgettable
  • Experience a shellfish tower at Cornelius including transportation from and back to Bergen on a scenic boat ride!
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5 hr
Available all year

Cornelius Seafood Restaurant

Cornelius Seafood Restaurant is situated right by the sea on a small island with spectacular views of the fjord, mountains, skerries, passing boats, and ships. If you prefer shellfish rather than fish, we recommend you the Meteorological Shellfish Tower.

The Meteorological Shellfish Tower

The content on the tower is tailored by the chefs on a daily basis, based on the weather of the day and what is caught by the local fishermen. Examples can be hand-picked mahogany clams, horse mussels, native Norwegian flat oysters, scallops and sea urchins. As a starter we serve our signature dish, littoral crab soup.
The flavors depends on the weather and the mood of the kitchen team. On a hot summer day, a lighter soup is served, while the chefs are usually generous with spices when the autumn storms are raging at their worst. In the end, the classics such as shrimps, mussels and Norwegian brown crab is served. Experience seafood extravaganza with these magnificent delicacies of the sea!
All dishes are prepared using innovative culinary techniques and with a genuine passion for seafood. On the Meteorological shelllfis tower menu a seasonal deserti s also included.
Welcome to a fantastic and unforgettable dining experience at Cornelius!

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