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Viking plank in Flåm

Viking plank  - Ægir BryggeriPub, Flåm Norway
The chef prepares Viking plank - Ægir breweryPub Flåm, Norway
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Enjoy a real Viking dinner in the atmospheric Ægir BryggeriPub in Flåm!

  • Ægir BrewPub is steeped in Viking history, as is the food they serve here
  • The Viking Plank consists of five small courses served together with five different tastes of Ægir beer that compliments each course. A perfect combination!
Starting point
1 hr
5 March - 30 April

The Viking Plank

The courses are based on local ingredients that would have been familiar during the Viking Era, but with flavors to suit the modern palate.
The locally crafted beer is used in marinades and sauces, with hops, malt, and herbs bringing a distinctive extra dimension to the food. The flavorsome light and dark beers compliment everything from fish and game to chocolate.
Ægir Viking Plank is Flåmsbryggs's signature dish. The unique 5-course meal consists of five dishes perfectly paired with five different kinds of beer from the well-known Ægir Brewery.
The Viking Plank is best enjoyed after a fun winter activity in Flåm. Sit down, relax and feel the heat from the fireplace in a genuine and local atmosphere.

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