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The 7 Best Museums In Norway

When most people think of things to do in Norway, they likely picture adventurous activities like summer skiing or glacier hiking. However, what many people do not realize is that it actually offers a lot of other exciting activities that are a lot less adventurous - or adventurous in a different sense!

With its history going back thousands of years, Norway possesses a hub of some of the most interesting moments in history that can all be viewed in one spectacular location thanks to its many world-renowned museums. Over 1,000 museums are scattered all across the country and deciding on which one to go to can be a difficult chore. Thankfully, we have created a list of the seven best museums in Norway so that you can come prepared and ready for some interesting cultural refill!

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Photo: Munchmuseet

Edvard Munch Museum

In the heart of Oslo are many great museums but perhaps one of the greatest of them all is the Edvard Munch Museum. This famous Norwegian artist is objectively best known for his iconic painting titled The Scream. However, Munch also made many more masterpieces during his lifetime, some of which can be found presented at this incredible museum.

With over 20,000 different pieces of art created by Munch, it may take quite a while to go through every exhibit. Therefore, you may want to book one of the great hotels in Oslo and make your tour of the Norwegian art world a multi-day endeavor.

Vigelandsparken A3 005 132730 Hagelund Birdseyepix.Com Visitnorway.Com Vigeland Museet BONO
Photo: Hagelund Museet

Vigeland Museum & Sculpture Park

Speaking of great art museums in Oslo, there is also the Vigeland Museum, which is once again dedicated to a single artist. The Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland made quite a name for himself in his home country by creating a series of truly imaginative sculptures, woodcuts, drawings, photographs, and more. As a result, the Oslo municipality agreed to build him an atelier that was then transformed into a museum dedicated to his work.

This incredible neo-classic museum borders the Vigeland Sculpture Park, which contains his largest sculptures and gives visitors an incredible look at some of the most impressive sculptures to ever come out of Norway. Also note that a visit to this amazing sculpture park is free!

Cf25405 C C10384 VSH Museum Of Cultural History, University Of Oslo
Photo: Museum Of Cultural History, University Of Oslo

The Viking Ship Museum

For those who are interested in Viking history, Oslo also contains the impressive Viking Ship Museum. This historic building allows you to get an up-close-and-personal view of three different Viking era burial vessels. These massive ships once sailed down the fjords of Norway and are over 1,000 years old. It is the perfect opportunity to learn about the history of the Vikings and the burial process for their great warriors.

Photo: Det Hanseatiske Museum

The Hanseatic Museum

In Bergen, there are several other world-renowned museums. One of the most spectacular ones is the Det Hanseatiske Museum, which transports visitors back to the early 18th century. This large wooden building dates back hundreds of years to a time when the wharf city looked a lot different. However, once you step inside the museum, you are able to get a factual glimpse of what life used to be like when German Hanseatic merchants occupied the harbour.

Polarmuseet Knut Hansvold Www.Nordnorge.Com
Photo: Knut Hansvold/

The Polar Museum

It is well known that Norway contains a lot of incredible polar wildlife, ranging from whales to reindeer. There are plenty of ways to interact with this abundance of polar wildlife, including going on a reindeer sleigh ride or booking one of the whale-watching Norwegian cruises.

However, if you want to get up close to some other elements of polar life, such as polar bears and fur trapping, then the best way to do it is to visit the Polar Museum in Tromsø. This building houses a series of fantastic exhibits that allow you to peer into the Gateway to the Arctic and its historic figures that made it what it is today. While in Tromsø, also check out some other great things to do!

Folkemuseet 15 3 3488038 Foto Tord Baklund
Photo: Tord Baklund

Norwegian Folk Museum

To truly step back in time and wander throughout a village that is straight out of the 12th and 13th centuries, you will need to go to Oslo to visit the Norwegian Folk Museum. Consisting of approximately 140 different buildings, this open-air museum has a variety of original structures, including one of the few remaining stave churches, covering a 35-acre plot of land. It is the perfect opportunity to become completely immersed in the Norway that has long since changed but will never be forgotten.

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Photo: Foap/VisitNorway

NTNU University Museum

Located in Trondheim, this university museum is a member of the seven different university museums in Norway and is one of the best places to get a look at several different types of history all at once. With different exhibits demonstrating the cultural history, archaeology, and natural history, it truly is a showcase of the astonishing history behind Norway. Whether you want to see wildlife, Vikings, or natural history, there is the perfect museum for you somewhere in Norway. 

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