Photo: Emil Sollie Brixton Frames /Helgeland Reiseliv
Fjord Tours Articles / 24 Feb 2022

Hiking the Seven Sisters in Helgeland

The Seven Sisters mountain range is a stunning chain of mountain peaks, set within the gorgeous Norwegian landscape of sculptural mountains and thousands of islands.

Let’s take a look at what this majestic area has to offer visitors, and what there is to do there!

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Photo: Sigrid Haarberg /Www.Visithelgeland.Com

The Seven Sisters Mountain peaks

The Seven Sisters are a mountain range stretching over 10 km, and it’s one of Norway’s most popular hiking destinations – so if you’re visiting Norway hoping to explore the mountaineering and hiking the country is known for, you’re in luck!

Known in Norwegian as ‘De Syv Søstre’, the mountain range includes seven mountain peaks:

  • Botnkrona at 1,072 meters 
  • Grytfoten at 1,019 meters
  • Skjæringen at 1,037 metres
  • Tvillingene (The Twins) at 945 and 980 meters
  • Kvasstinden at 1,010 metres
  • Breitinden at 910 meters

Botnkrona, the highest of the Seven Sisters, offers the most extensive panoramic view. From the top of the mountain peak, you’ll be treated to a stunning view of the Vega Archipelago, Mount Torghatten, and the hills of Trøndelag. To the east, you’ll see the Oksskolten mountain, which is the highest mountain peak in the north of Norway. On the northern side, the splendid Svartisen glacier will be visible, and on sunny days, you can also see the Lofoten mountains in the distance.

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Photo: Emil Sollie Brixton / Frames Helgeland Reiseliv

Hiking the Seven Sisters

Hiking the Seven Sisters is suitable for reasonably experienced hikers. The Seven Sisters may not be the best option for families or people that are relatively new to hiking, as these are fairly challenging hikes best suited to fit adults. The entire hiking trip can take between 10-15 hours depending on your experience and fitness level. The climb to each mountaintop can be challenging, but when you’ve reached the peak, you’ll receive an instant reward in the stunning panoramic view of the fjord landscape surrounding you.

Completing the hike of all seven peaks of the Seven Sisters is a challenge taken on by both local hikers and travelers to Norway. You can get a detailed description of the hiking routes at the local tourist information office, and in fact, anyone who manages to complete the hike of all seven peaks is awarded a special certificate for their efforts.

Offering stunning views of the spectacular Helgeland Coast, the Seven Sisters are an unmissable attraction for those interested in nature or photography.

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Photo: Terje Rakke/ Visithelgeland.Com

The Helgeland coast and Helgeland

The Helgeland coastline is the longest stretch among the 18 national tourist roads in Norway. From mountain peaks and cascading glaciers to the archipelago and lush coasts. The Helgeland Coast is a journey of contrasts, where you will experience close contact with the coast, glaciers, and a beautiful cultural landscape with a lot of history. 

Helgeland has a wide range of natural attractions and activities. Here you´ll find Norway’s second-largest glacier Svartisen, which has 60 glacier tongues and covers a full 370 km2. At just 20 m above sea level, it is the lowest glacier in mainland Europe, making it easily accessible for hikes and nature-based experiences.

If you want to explore the unique Helgeland Coast in an easy, comfortable, and efficient way, we highly recommend our Helgeland Coats and the Arctic Circle tour. Along the route, you pass the magical Arctic Circle, which runs through Helgeland and acts as the frontier for the Arctic kingdom of the midnight sun and the dark season.

Photo: Tonje Brattås