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Fjord Tours Articles / 16 Sep 2020

What Visiting Norway in the Fall Has to Offer

Celebrate the colder weather and the rotation of the earth in Norway with exquisite fall views. Norway has many outdoor opportunities to enjoy autumn colors, no matter which part of the country you’re visiting.

From the Lofoten Islands to Pulpit Rock, it’s easy to find beautiful vistas and jaw-dropping hikes. So pack your hat and scarf and check out these options for exploring Norway in autumn.

Malin Hansen
Photo: Malin Hansen

Lofoten Islands

You’ve never seen an archipelago like this before. With lofty views and water stretching out for miles, the Lofoten Islands are situated dramatically high above the Arctic Circle. In autumn, you’ll enjoy the crisp air and stunning views with everything that Norwegians prize: fjords, beaches, farms, and mountains. The off-season is a perfect time to visit this popular destination. You’ll be treated to a gorgeous contrast between changing leaves and blue waters. The temperature in autumn hovers in a pleasant range which makes daytime and nighttime adventures equally enjoyable. 

If you’re eager to experience the aurora borealis or Northern Lights in autumn, then you need to head pretty far north. Luckily, the Lofoten Islands are located in a place where you have a good chance of seeing the aurora in autumn. Beat the crowds and visit this stunning archipelago in autumn.

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Photo: Outdoorlife Norway

Pulpit Rock

Nothing compares to the magic of an autumn hike at Pulpit Rock. When you hit the trails in September, you can anticipate dreamy views and a rewarding summit. Once again, visiting Pulpit Rock in autumn offers you an opportunity to experience this popular site in relative calm. As the summer tourists fall away, you can enjoy a quiet and peaceful experience among the hills. 

It’s important to keep in mind that the terrain can be challenging in difficult weather. As such, guides recommend having hiking poles or other tools to help you trek. It’s recommended for children over 8 years old, and most tours include the price of hiking equipment and hot drinks. Prepare your sermon to Odin and enjoy your autumn experience at Pulpit Rock before winter hits.

Photo: Christian Roth Christensen

Harvest in Tromsø

The Norwegian word for fall actually means “harvest.” An autumn adventure in Norway would not be complete without enjoying the edible bounty of the countryside. Head to Tromso to visit some of Norway’s top restaurants. In this city, Nordic ingredients are proudly showcased in autumnal menu offerings everywhere from casual cafes to fine dining. 

As nature slows down and prepares for winter, the flavors get that much richer. Norwegian harvest means foraged mushrooms, apples, berries, and seasonal meat like lobster and lamb. If you’re into a U-pick adventure, then look for an orchard that offers apple picking in early autumn.

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Photo: VossVind

Indoor Activities

There are of course a lot more outdoor activities on offer during the summer season, but there are still a lot of indoor activities you could check out during the fall season in Norway. How about trying some Indoor Skydiving in Voss? Here you get to be Superman for a day and learn how to fly in a wind tunnel - a truly thrilling and fun experience!

Norway also offers a lot of exciting action activities all over the country. 


1134 Hostpaafloyen Fjord Norge, Robin Strand
Photo: Fjord Norge/Robin Strand

It’s true that the tourist season slows down as summer draws to a close. But for the clever tourist, the off-season is a perfect opportunity to get up close and personal with Norway’s famous destinations without the crowds. 

If you have limited time, then a Norway in a nutshell tour® might be just the ticket for your autumn Nordic adventure. Just be careful not to wait too long, as changing weather patterns can bring rain and snow without warning. Get ready to enjoy Norway as you’ve never seen it before!