Photo: Nasjonal Turistveg Ryfylke - Helge Stikbakke / Statens vegvesen
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Experience beautiful Telemark and the dramatic Ryfylke on the road from Oslo to Stavanger.

This is a historical journey from Stavanger via Ryfylke and Telemark to Oslo. This drive takes you on a trip through beautiful mountain scenery, magnificent and rich salmon rivers, large waterfalls and deep lakes in an area known for hydropower generation and beautiful scenery.

The route offers charming villages that provide accommodation with character and a varied range of food based on local ingredients. Along the route you will find attractions such as the national tourist routes in Hardanger and Ryfylke, Suldalslågen, Nesflaten, and the Røldal stave church.

If you have some time, and you're open for small detours, there are many attractions to visit along, but also outside the route. Ryfylke is known for its stunning mountain hikes, in particular the famous Kjerag and the Pulpit Rock.

Distance Approx. 490 kilometres
Drive time 9 hours
Ferries Yes
Tolls Yes
Special conditions None