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Ålesund in Sunnmøre has a population of approx 50,000 and is the largest town in the county of Møre og Romsdal. It is known as the art nouveau town!

If you are seeking exciting nature and culture-based activities, Ålesund is a great starting point. There are great opportunities for fishing, boating trips, hiking on marked trails in the mountains, cycling on idyllic small islands on the ocean’s edge, bird watching or diving. It is also only a short distance to the world heritage area the Geirangerfjord.

This coastal town is one of the world’s largest shipment ports for Klipfish (split, dried, salted cod) and it has a busy fisheries harbour in the middle of the town, where fresh fish and prawns are sold. Ålesund is also known around the world for its unique Art Nouveau architecture with towers, spires and imaginative ornamentation of house facades.

For those with a special interest in coastal and fjord culture, Viking history, fisheries, language, architecture and design, flora or fauna, there are places in and around Ålesund where you can add to your knowledge. Museums and activity centres often have different thematic exhibitions or activity days where visitors can indulge their interests.

Ålesund has a wide variety of restaurants, cafés and bars. The restaurants have both Norwegian and international dishes on the menu and the ingredients come from nature's own pantry. Every year, the town hosts the Norwegian Food Festival which attracts swarms of food-lovers.